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SureCoat concrete and masonry densifier and sealer products were created from years of experience of working as a contractor in the concrete-masonry construction industry and the demand for products to protect new concrete and masonry, maintain existing concrete and masonry and restore old concrete and masonry damaged by time and weather. SureCoat’s water-based penetrating sealers protect your concrete and masonry from the damage caused by water, resulting from efflorescence, freeze/thaw, mold and mildew, concrete dusting, and spalling. SureCoat attacks the problem from an entirely different approach; we do not temporarily cover up problems. The SureCoat solution starts by treating the concrete and masonry with SureCoat’s water-base penetrating sealers and water repellent to achieve a stable internal concrete or masonry mass. SureCoat’s integrated product solutions make a difference that can be seen.

SureCoat Systems’ Densifier

SS-1007 is the perfect solution that allows structural integrity to be introduced through the exposed walls. Without using expensive equipment, this penetrating densifier is applied to a clean surface. SS-1007 will penetrate the surface up to an amazing 4 inches. When considering the maximum depth achieved with other penetrating products is only a  fraction of an inch, 4″ is outstanding. SS-1007 product fills the capillaries in concrete, brick, stone or masonry material, including the mortar joints and blocks any vapor moisture drive. SS-1007 becomes an integral part of the building material – making the material “solid” where it had been porous and adding structural integrity. SS-1007 will never have to be removed or replaced and will not change the appearance of the material to which it is applied.

SureCoat Systems’ Sealers

Once the wall is densified and the capillaries are sealed to form the moisture vapor barrier, there will be a clean surface area (approximately 1/8” to 1/16” deep) above the sealed capillaries available to receive either a penetrating clear waterproof sealer or decorative waterproof coating. For masonry, concrete, brick, or stone including the mortar joints surface, we recommend SS-5000, a penetrating non-membrane forming, waterproof sealer. After the application, the water will bead up on the surface without changing the beauty of the material.If the wall is going to be painted, SS-5000 should not be used. Instead we recommend StrucSureCoat, used to waterproof and protect exterior walls. This is a revolutionary low VOC (23g/l) epoxy hybrid, elastomeric, waterproof, cool wall membrane. StrucSureCoat comes in 27 standard colors. When installed by a certified contractor, StrucSureCoat has a 10-year warranty on commercial properties and residential properties. It is the only written manufacturer’s warranty that covers cracks up to 1/16”.