L.J. Roofing of Lynwood, California saves homeowner $1,000s with re-roof alternative in “Old Town” Pasadena!

SureCoat over walking/roof deck and stairs in Autumn Brick and Country White. SureCoat is available in 30 energy-efficient colors!

This beautiful home located on a hillside in Old Town Pasadena, was experiencing leaks into the living room area thought to be coming from the roof. Of course right? If leaks are coming through the ceiling, than it only made sense to this homeowner that they were coming in from the roof. Tess (homeowner) was seriously considering a re-roof until Leon of L.J. Roofing addressed her real leak issues. The water intrusion was not coming from the roof deck; it was coming in through the tall parapet walls that surrounded her roof deck.

“The walls around the deck of Tess’s home were coated with just a coating before, not a waterproofing like SureCoat” – Leon Johnson, L.J. Roofing, Inc.

Leon was able to educate Tess about the extent of a re-roof and offer her an alternative. In her case a re-roof would not stop the leaks that were entering her home. In addition, it would cost her $1,000s more than the waterproofing alternative that Leon had in mind. Not only would Tess have to fund a re-roof, involving the tear off of the old roof deck, reassembly and installation of layers or new roof materials, but she would also have to treat or replace the rusting rebar in the parapet walls to have a leak free home again.

If you ask Leon what he tells his customers about SureCoat roof and wall systems, he states “I tell them about the warranty, the waterproofing and show them that it’s excellent.”

Leon’s customer was even able to have direct communication with SureCoat Systems’ support team. One of our seasoned product specialists, Emmie, was able to confirm with her that: 1) You are able to walk on the coated deck once it cures, 2) It can be used on a roof deck as well as walls and stairs, and 3) That it is definitely used for waterproofing, unlike paint or acrylic coatings.

What makes SureCoat unlike any other products available in California is its high solid content, low permeability and Super VOC compliance. SureCoat is 65% solids by volume, and it works perfect as a protective membrane. The perm rating is .019 so water virtually cannot enter nor escape through it. The VOC content is less than 26 g/l making it even the South Coast AQMD’s choice for waterproofing their flat roofs.

Tess was sold on the idea that there is an alternative to what she once thought was her only option, the dreaded re-roof! Tess tells Emmie at SureCoat Systems, “You and Leon have a very happy customer and I would recommend him…After 20 years in this house, I think I can finally not worry about those always elusive leaks.” Tess now has a protected and warranted roof deck that is aesthetically beautiful, environmentally safe, friendly and efficient.