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reinforcing mesh roof fabric

Poly-Mesh Reinforcing mesh Roof Fabric

SureCoat Poly-Mesh is a high-grade easy to use reinforcing mesh roof fabric used for additional tensile strength as part of the SureCoat Roof System. Poly-Mesh reinforcing mesh roof fabric is recommended for all flat and low-slope roof applications. SureCoat Poly-Mesh is a unique woven polyester mesh of uniform thickness with voids large enough for saturation. This allows the base coat of  SureSetSureCoat or Sure-a-Thane applications to penetrate through and bond to the topcoat. The finished product is a durable roof system with an unsurpassed tensile strength of 2800+ psi. Using this technique eliminates all cold joints and preventing delamination. SureCoat Poly-Mesh is a soft flexible easy to use material that contours to the roof, around penetrations, curbs, transitions and other roof equipment for easy reinforced repairs and full restorations.

Other added benefits of SureCoat Poly-Mesh Reinforcing Mesh Roof Fabric are:

  1. The ease of use labor cost savings using a quality mesh roof fabric
  2. The material cost savings because the poly-mesh absorbs the coating much better than other fabrics used in roof systems. Therefore, it takes less coating to make the SureCoat Poly-Mesh lay down on roof surfaces.


Reinforcing mesh roof fabric is used differently in almost all two-part coating systems. Two incompatible materials, typically black asphalt emulsion (the oil based waterproofing) and white acrylic water based roof paint (for cost saving reflectivity), do not bond to each other. The reinforcing mesh roof fabric is used to hold the acrylic to the asphalt waste byproduct. As shown in this short testimonial video, 99.9% of the time, a white acrylic coating peels away from the black emulsion on flat and low-slope roofs, exposing the heat-absorbing waterproofing. This never happens with the SureCoat Roof System.


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