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SureCoat Roof Restoration Systems are engineered to protect and waterproof flat roofs and low-slope roofing systems with damage caused by ponding water. Guaranteed Protection for roofs in even the worst condition!

Did you know that the average commercial and industrial built-up roof (BUR) in the USA has a lifespan of only seven and half years before expensive repairs or replacement are required?  Most commercial and industrial BUR roofs are not properly maintained.  Once the protective membrane erodes away, the underlying roof plies are exposed to UV.  Asphalt exposed to UV will break down and deteriorate, creating roof leaks.

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100% of a SureCoat Roof Restoration can be expensed on your taxes in the same year that the improvement is performed!
Click the Pic to Download Huge Tax Benefits of a SureCoat Roof.


Why replace your existing roof membrane with another one that will require the same maintenance and repairs in just a few short years?  By restoring your roof with a SureCoat Roof Restoration System, you can have warranty coverage for up to 20 years without disturbing the existing roof. Click to learn more about the SureCoat Roof System.


Not all roof restorations are the same.  Most do not perform well on roofs with ponding water.  Ponding water on low-sloped and flat roofs is very common.  Commercial and industrial low-sloped and flat roofs will have ponding water to some degree after a storm.  Age and design of the existing roof system will determine how severe the ponding water.  Roof leaks in commercial and industrial buildings are most commonly caused by ponding water.  The ponding water finds its way into a seam separation in the traditional roofing system and leaks through to the inside of the building.  Roofing membranes and traditional roof coating systems do not come with a warranty that covers failures in areas of ponding water.

The solution is the SureCoat Roof Restoration System.  The SureCoat Roof Restoration System is a fully reinforced, completely seamless, waterproof, single-ply roof system engineered for commercial and industrial low-sloped and flat roofs.  SureCoat Systems offers 10 and 20 year warranted roof restoration systems for commercial and industrial low-sloped and flat roofs, even those with Ponding Water!


Click here to learn more about common traditional roof systems, their challenges and how SureCoat can be used as a repair or a restoration system to stop roof leaks.  You can avoid a costly tear-off by restoring your existing roof to Better than New Condition with the SureCoat Roof Restoration System!

The SureCoat Roof System is the Last Roof a Building Will Ever Need!

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