HD Concrete Cleaner (Heavy Duty)

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Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner

SureCoat HD Concrete Cleaner is a waterborne high performance blend of surface-active agents that will remove oil, grease and dirt residue from concrete or masonry surfaces. It penetrates the substrate, loosens oil and other contaminants and lifts them up and out. The rinsed and cleaned surface and matrix is then ready to accept sealers, paint or other coatings.

Concrete Cleaner can be used on all concrete and masonry surfaces that require the removal of oil, grease, dirt or other contaminants.

This product is VOC compliant in all AQMD district areas and is non-flammable.

Coverage Area: 50-150 square feet per gallon. This is only an estimate; actual coverage rate will depend on the level of contamination and cycle washings necessary.