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Roof System


Based on the monitoring and Case Studies performed over the last several years of existing SureCoat Roofs in different areas, we are confident in now offering a 20-Year Renewable Warranty for nearly the same initial material costs of the original SureCoat 10-Year Renewable System. The 20-Year Warranty offers the same amazing coverage that only SureCoat Systems’ will put in writing! Page one of our warranty states the following:


1.The SureCoat Roof System will not leak due to ordinary weathering for a period of 20 years from the date of completion.


2.The SureCoat Roof System will not peel, flake or delaminate from the roof substrate when properly applied per application instructions.


3.The SureCoat Roof System will not leak due to animal, vegetable and other greases and fats and certain chemicals.

4.The SureCoat Roof System will not leak due to ordinary ponding water conditions resulting from natural precipitation. HVAC equipment must have functioning condensate lines that are plumbed directly and completely to the roof drains.


5.The SureCoat Roof System withstands foot traffic after product has cured sufficiently to be considered dry throughout. Walk pads are recommended at areas where HVAC or other equipment is routinely maintained. This condition may vary according to certain related conditions (see Application Guide).

The SureCoat Roof Systems offers a renewable written manufacturer’s material warranty that covers Ponding Water. The warranty comes in 10 year to 20 yecoating-under-solar-on-a-flat-roofar increments. Other warranty options, such as NDL, are available upon request. Call for more information on the most sustainable roof system in the industry.

Ponding water on a flat roof is no longer a reason to void the warranty. The SureCoat Roof Systems has a manufacturer’s written material warranty that covers ordinary ponding conditions. The traditional tear off to re-roof is an antiquated solution for roofs that still have a sound substrate. The SureCoat Roof Systems has made problematic water intrusion from seam penetrations, flashings, waterways, drains, and ponding areas a problem of the past.

Wall System

The type of property determines the length of The SureCoat Wall Systems’ warranty. Residential properties usually have less wear and tear to the exteriors than commercial propertiehow-to-stop-water-intrusion-through-wallss such as hotels, resorts and hospitals. The SureCoat Wall Systems’ warranty covers chipping, peeling, flaking and cracks up to a 1/16”. There are also many other chemicals and environmental pollutants that The SureCoat Wall System is warranted against.

Residential Homeowners enjoy a 10-year warranty. Experience has told us that when a homeowner invests in a product that makes their home beautiful without the maintenance to keep it looking that way and saves on cooling costs, they will quickly share that information with others. We are delighted to stand behind a product that has more to offer than just beauty.

Commercial properties enjoy the same warranty conditions including coverage of cracks up to 1/16”, for a period of ten years. The SureCoat Wall System will keep hotels ahow-to-waterproof-concrete-walls-coatingnd other buildings looking beautiful for long periods of time without any maintenance to the exterior walls. In addition, they can save on cooling costs; SureCoat has thermal emissivity which keeps the coated walls from absorbing 93% of the heat it’s exposed to. The SureCoat Wall System has solved everything from maintenance issues to water intrusion. Major hotel and resort chains such as Omni, Sheraton, and Marriott ask for The SureCoat Wall Systems’ by name.