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Specializing in Fluid-Applied Single-ply Roofing Systems, Flat Roof Repair Coatings,Wall Restoration and More.

SureCoat Roof System

The SureCoat Roof System is a high-grade elastomeric roof coating system for restoring an existing low slope and flat roofs.

SureCoat Wall System

The SureCoat Wall System is a single component epoxy hybrid, elastomeric, waterproof, monolithic, protective membrane for vertical surfaces.

SureCoat Deck System

The SureCoat Deck Saver System is a waterproof, highly bonded, seamless deck restoration system intended for new and existing pedestrian decks and walkways.

SureCoat Floor System

SureCoat Systems EZCoat is a Single Component Polyaspartic Floor Coating that eliminates many of the associated issues with traditional two component floor systems by removing the pot-life concerns and providing 45-50 minutes of working time.

We offer a complete line of fluid-applied single-ply waterproofing systems, membrane coatings and penetrating sealers for the restoration of flat roof and low-slope roofs, walls and more. Our Field Tested waterproofing solutions incorporate over 30+ years of construction building experience with an exclusive line of coatings for flat roof repair and low-slope roofing, commercial/industrial properties, historical structures, concrete parking garages, bridge rehabilitation and more. SureCoat has been engineered with the highest grade raw materials and cross linked resins to provide increased durability and elasticity compared to traditional acrylic roof coatings.

Our Waterproofing Experts are here to Support you with Cutting-Edge Technology and Old School Customer Service! 

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