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The SureCoat Wall System is a single component epoxy hybrid, elastomeric, waterproof, monolithic, protective membrane for vertical surfaces. The SureCoat Wall System has excellent adhesion and provides protection for all types of existing wall systems such as, wood, stucco, metal, steel, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, textile fabric and masonry.

The SureCoat Wall System has a 93% Thermal Emittance. That means 93% of the heat that hits the wall is emitted back out into the atmosphere and does not enter into the building. The SureCoat Wall System keeps a building cooler, lowers the demand on the HVAC system and saves money on cooling costs.

The epoxy resins used in The SureCoat Wall System require UV stable tints to add color. These tints are expensive but provide an extremely low fade ratio. The SureCoat Wall Systems’ monumental ability to reflect 91% of the sun’s destructive UV rays, combined with these extraordinarily durable high-end tints, provides exterior colors that stay vibrantly beautiful longer than other coatings while providing exceptional protection from harmful deterioration.

While other coatings claim to provide protection, only The SureCoat Wall System offers a written warranty that covers cracks. It is a true elastomeric that does not get brittle, split, chip or peel. Whether for your home or commercial property, the high solid content and cross-linked resin of SureCoat’s epoxy hybrid technology provides true protection for your investment.

Water, dirt, heat and UV ray exposure are the elements that cause deterioration of exterior substrates. Only The SureCoat Wall System offers a waterproof, high build, monolithic, elastomeric membrane that provides UV and heat protection not found in other paints or coatings.

Heat not only increases the temperature of the wall, but continues into the space and is absorbed in solid objects like the furniture and carpet, creating a radiant heat flow. There is a greater demand on the HVAC to cool down the space, furniture and walls. Imagine the cost to keep a large hotel, industrial or commercial office building and all its contents cool. In today’s economy, The SureCoat Wall System could save a building owner a fortune in cooling costs. That money would be better spent on other improvements or amenities that would draw more guests or tenants and improve the overall value of the property.

Several international hotel chains such as the Omni, Marriott and Sheraton utilize The SureCoat Wall System to solve issues from minimizing maintenance to eliminating water intrusion, mold and mildew issues. These companies realize that it is costly and inconvenient to constantly paint and maintain the exterior of a hotel. Other factors to consider are a loss of revenue and disruption of the daily operation of the facility. Keeping the property looking beautiful on the outside is as important as keeping the interior attractive. To minimize the loss of revenue and maximize their maintenance dollars, professional property owners choose The SureCoat Wall System.

The SureCoat Wall System retains its elastomeric properties throughout its entire life span providing seamless monolithic protection that maintains the definition of the surface to which it is applied. It can be applied to most substrates without a primer and is more than five times thicker than standard paint. The SureCoat Wall System has a warranty unmatched in the industry.

The SureCoat Wall System Advantages

  • Maintains Elastomeric Qualities
  • Covers Substrate Hairline Cracks
  • Environmentally Friendly (VOC free)
  • Reduces Energy Cost (high-thermal emissivity)
  • Waterproof (keeps moisture out)
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Microbial Resistant (Inhibits Mold Growth)
  • UV stable (Maintains Color)
  • Industrial Tested Durability
  • High Solids Content (Higher Dry film Thickness)
  • Single Component System