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Field Tested brings you the best tips, tactics, stories, experience and strategies that encourage you to make educated and informed planning and product decisions for you and your business. Each episode delivers relatable, easy to consume advice on all aspects of building sustainable and reliable roofing and waterproofing business success.

From Bucket to Roof.   Are you sick of cheap products and materials that consistently fail? How about screening phone calls from angry customers? Maybe you’re frustrated with big box manufacturers letting customer service issues get lost in the abyss? And you’re most likely spent from being liable for big budget projects you’ve been spending your own money to fix.  Guess what? You’re not alone.

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Host Jesse Martinson found himself in this same situation—liable for thousands of dollars worth of failed projects and no one to help. He found the need for reliability was fierce, clients and customers needed consistency, and nothing on the market was meeting that demand so he created a product that would, SureCoat.

Now he’s taking his 40+ years in the industry, the business he built as a contractor, the products he’s formulated and developed, his knowledge from the front lines and packaging it up right here for you. If you’re looking to build a strong, sustainable business, extend the life of your roofing with a superior product, zero proven performance warranty claims, you’re in the right place. Field Tested takes proven strategies straight from the field and right to your roof.  Won’t you join us up top?

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Latest Episodes

How to Know What Roof Coating Protection You’re Really Getting

Episode #4 of Field Tested brings you the cold hard facts of the roof coating industry. Host Jesse Martinson shares what the roof coating industry looks like from an expert point of view and discusses the most prominent issue he sees within the industry. He talks about a recent client case study that demonstrates how the wrong product wastes time and money, and later, Jesse shares how the wrong product can impact your business and how to find the right roof coating to protect your business.  Big Three from Episode #004: Know what you’re buying Go to a products website […]

How to Waterproof Right – Understanding Perm Ratings

How do you know if a product you’re installing on a customer’s roof is really waterproof? Will you have to repair a failed installation or have you been dealing with these failed types of installations already? In this episode of “Field Tested”, SureCoat Innovator Jesse Martinson details the importance of perm rating, an essential waterproofing tool that’s not widely known. He discusses what the rating system looks like, how to use this rating to scope out the best of the best when it comes to waterproofing, and details the damage a not-so-waterproof product can do to a building. Jesse has [...]

A Quick Dry Necessity – The SureSet Story

In this episode of Field Tested, host Jesse Martinson introduces listeners to SureSet, the fast drying SureCoat roof coating that can be used as a base coat. Jesse discusses how this product was developed out of necessity while struggling to complete jobs due to certain weather conditions. He addresses some of the science behind this quick dry formulation and shares some interesting “Oh NO!” case studies when using and testing the SureSet product that ultimately demonstrates how SureSet quickly became a win in the field. Top Take Away From Episode #002: Weather is always a factor especially in certain parts [...]

How SureCoat Systems Brought Innovation and Reliability to the Industry

In this episode of Field Tested, host Jesse Martinson introduces listeners to the SureCoat Roof System. Jesse starts out discussing how the product came to be and why its formulation is so crucial to its success in the field. He highlights how it is possible to do small repairs and install partial roof systems making it cost effective for property owners and managers. Jesse finishes up the show sharing some case studies of how the SureCoat Roof System avoided a tear off and protected millions of dollars in renovations. Big Three From Episode #001: Quality matters Do your research – [...]

Why You’re About to Become a Field Tested Regular – Welcome to the World of Waterproofing and Roofing with Jesse Martinson

In the first episode of Field Tested, SureCoat Systems’ innovator and Field Tested podcast host, Jesse Martinson, introduces you to the world of waterproofing and roof coatings through his eyes. Jesse shares his background and the challenges he faced coming up through the construction industry and what ultimately led him on his journey to formulating his own proven solution. Jesse also highlights why Field Tested will be your ultimate new resource for boosting business and implementing no-fail strategies. Time-stamped Show Notes: 0:40 – Who is Jesse Martinson? 2:10 – Jesse explains the challenges that spurred the start of his journey […]

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