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In this episode of Field Tested, host Jesse Martinson introduces listeners to SureSet, the fast drying SureCoat roof coating that can be used as a base coat. Jesse discusses how this product was developed out of necessity while struggling to complete jobs due to certain weather conditions. He addresses some of the science behind this quick dry formulation and shares some interesting “Oh NO!” case studies when using and testing the SureSet product that ultimately demonstrates how SureSet quickly became a win in the field.

Top Take Away From Episode #002:

  1. Weather is always a factor especially in certain parts of the country. But within reason, you can use this product most days without worrying about the drying time.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

0:33 – The reason for the SureSet innovation

1:45 – The science behind SureSet

3:30 – Jesse discusses the benefits of SureSet

4:52 – Jesse shares a “Pacific Storm” case study

8:50 – Why SureSet is a product that can be used virtually anywhere in the country

9:20 – Jesse shares a contractor’s SureSet “Oh No!” moment

Resources/Tools/Links Mentioned In This Episode:

The science behind the SureCoat Systems Product Line: