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SureCoat Wall Coatings and Waterproofing Solutions


Want to add structural integrity to soft concrete or moist stucco?

Do you want to keep 93% of heat out of your commercial warehouse or home?

Never want to have to paint again?

SureCoat Wall Coatings are just what you need!


Today’s modern building design is being influenced by sustainability and environment. SureCoat Systems offers the most sustainable and low VOC wall coatings on the market for restoring and waterproofing existing buildings’ exteriors.  From residential homes to huge hotels chains, such as Omni Hotels, SureCoat Systems is asked for by name because of its incomparable waterproofing and energy saving properties.


A SureCoat Wall System is the last “paint job” your building will ever need!  A traditional SureCoat Wall System consists of SS-DPD Deep Penetrating Densifier and StrucSureCoat (SSC), elastomeric wall coating.


SS-DPD is a low viscosity penetrating sealer that displaces the existing moisture in porous walls and creates a vapor barrier to prevent future moisture.  StrucSureCoat is an elastomeric wall coating that has an elongation of 398%, enough to bridge hairline cracks up to 1/16”.  Together with proper installation, these two products create a protective monolithic membrane that moves with the wall without becoming brittle. SureCoat Wall Systems will not chip, flake or peel like low-grade elastomeric wall coatings and acrylic paints.


SureCoat wall coatings provide both waterproofing and an exterior finish to be admired.  SureCoat wall coatings have been used successfully since 2006 over residential stucco and commercial concrete walls.


StrucSureCoat is available in 25 standard colors.  You can click here to request an electronic color chart or call a Product Specialist today for application information and pricing at 877-823-7873.


Other SureCoat wall coating products include Deep Penetrating Densifiers for historical buildings, concrete bridges and parking garages, Water Repellent Sealers, Efflorescence Remover, Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner and High-Grade Stain Repellents that are ideal for properties exposed to heavy traffic and animal fats like restaurants and food processing plants.

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877-823-7873 for specifications and pricing.

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Masonry, Concrete, Brick and Stone Walls

More and more block, concrete, brick, and natural stone are being used as finish building materials. Perimeter walls around shopping centers, schools, tilt up commercial and industrial buildings and freeway sound walls are all made from block- masonry, brick or concrete and are reinforced with rebar for structural reliability. These natural type materials seem durable, but they are weakened and break down from continual exposure to thermal cycling, heat, freeze-thaw conditions, UV, rain, snow, and hail. The best way to restore and protect these building materials is with The SureCoat Wall System.

If water saturates the block or concrete, the rebar can rust inside. When rebar rusts, it will swell and will cause the walls to push outward to accommodate the growing metal. The evidence of this is seen when concrete walls spall (thin layers pop loose from the wall). If left untreated, this can become a structural issue and can be extremely expensive to repair. Water repellants are often used to address these types of issues. The problem is that these surface coatings and sealers will peel off because of moisture vapor escaping from the material and they are very expensive. The other problem with masonry and mortar joints is they will effloresce. When the mortar joints, concrete walls, brick, masonry block or rebar are damaged, the only repair options in the past were very destructive or required expensive epoxy injections.

The perfect solution is The SureCoat Wall System products. All of the solutions are applied to the wall’s surface. The first step is to stop vapor moisture drive, then seal and protect the wall from any water intrusion.

SureCoat Systems Densifier SS-1007 or SS-1007-L, is the perfect solution that allows structural integrity to be introduced through the exposed walls. Without using expensive equipment, this penetrating densifier is applied to a clean surface. SS-1007 will penetrate the surface up to an amazing 4 inches. When considering the maximum depth achieved with other penetrating products has only been a fraction of an inch, this is outstanding. SS-1007, or SS-1007-L (for extremely deteriorated walls) fills the capillaries in the concrete, brick, stone or masonry material, including the mortar joints, blocking any vapor moisture drive. Both SS-1007 and SS-1007-L become an integral part of the building material. Making the material “solid” where it had been porous before, adding to the structural integrity. The SS-1007 or SS-1007-L will never have to be removed or replaced and it will not change the appearance of the material to which it is applied.

Once the wall is densified and the capillaries are sealed to form the moisture vapor barrier, there will be clean surface area (approximately 1/8” to 1/16” deep) above the sealed capillaries available to receive either a penetrating clear waterproof sealer or a decorative waterproof coating. For masonry, concrete, brick, or stone including the mortar joints surface, we recommend SS-5000, a penetrating non-membrane forming waterproof sealer. It will not erode away or need a second applicaion like surface sealers. The water will bead up on the surface without changing the beauty of the material.

If the wall is going to be painted instead, we recommend, StrucSureCoat be used to waterproof and protect the exterior walls. This is a revolutionary low VOC (23g/l) epoxy hybrid, elastomeric, waterproof, cool wall membrane. StrucSureCoat comes in 27 standard colors. When installed by a certified contractor, StrucSureCoat has a 10-year warranty on commercial properties and residential properties. It is the only written manufacturer’s warranty that covers cracks up to 1/16”.

Wood Walls

Wood Walls and Trim suffer the most when left untreated. The wood splits, twists, and becomes termite food when it is wet and damaged. SureCoat Systems offers two extremely beneficial options to seal and protect exterior wood walls and trim. The system option depends on whether the wood is already painted or if it is natural with the desire to keep it that way.

The majority of wood trim and walls found on homes or commercial properties are painted. In the 70’s, lead, a soft metal that moved with thermal cycles was removed from paint. In 2002, oil, that allowed better adhesion and weathering, was removed from paint. Only architectural coatings with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) less than 50 grams per liter are currently allowed in the Southern California Air Quality Management District. This practice may be adopted by the EPA at some point. This is why exterior paints are chipping, peeling, and flaking faster than ever before. Painting contractors are offering short warranties even with the most expensive paints.

Fortunately, SureCoat Systems is decades ahead of the wall coating industry producing polymers and water-based, epoxy hybrid materials with extremely low VOCs for commercial and industrial coating applications.

SureCoat Systems has engineered and designed a durable, single component, epoxy hybrid, waterproof, cool wall coating called StrucSureCoat. The low perm rating clearly prevents snow, water, even wind driven rain from reaching the wood. In addition to protecting wood, StrucSureCoat will adhere to almost any substrate material. StrucSureCoat will not chip, flake, peel or crack and comes with a written manufacturer’s warranty.

Cool wall coatings work differently than insulation, but are referred to as insulating coatings. Instead of absorbing heat and having an “R” value, the coating emits heat back into the atmosphere, eliminating almost all heat transfer. StrucSureCoat keeps the walls cool by emitting 93% of the heat back into the atmosphere, eliminating radiant heat transfer into the occupied space. This lowers cooling costs and the demand on the HVAC systems.

If the wood is natural and it has become dark and ugly, it is not ruined and probably does not need replacing as long as it is in sound condition. SureCoat Systems offers a complete line of restorative products including a wood cleaner and restorer. SureCoat’s wood cleaning products will brighten the wood to its original beauty. To retain that beauty, we recommend our penetrating wood sealer SS-5000. Most wood sealers are membrane forming, such as urethanes that sit on the surface of wood and wear off (needing constant maintenance each year) but SureCoat’s wood sealer is a penetrating sealer that sits under the surface of the wood to protect it from environmental damage. Water beads up on sealed wood without changing the look of it and without continual maintenance making SS-5000 an excellent product for wood decks as well.

Stucco Walls

It used to be considered normal maintenance to paint stucco walls only once every 15 years and sometimes even longer. Due to the environmental law changes, paints for exterior walls have lost the longevity they once had. The strictest of all regulations for low VOC content is in Southern California at less than 50 grams per liter. The bad part is water-based acrylic exterior paints break down rapidly and now reapplication is needed in just 4-5 years. This is expensive, time consuming and requires continuous maintenance. There is now an option that has changed “stucco maintenance” to “stucco sustainability” with added cool cost benefits.

SureCoat Systems has the benefit of over 30 years experience with polymer chemistry combined with the latest nano technology to produce the most durable water-based, elastomeric, cool wall coatings on the market. StrucSureCoat is an environmentally friendly, single component, epoxy hybrid, elastomeric, self-priming, cool wall coating made to protect stucco and other exterior building materials. The super compliant VOC content of StrucSureCoat also makes it Title 24 compliant.

The low permeability of StrucSureCoat means the waterproofed outside walls are protected from water intrusion, even from wind driven rain. Cracks in stucco allow water intrusion behind the wall’s surface. Water is one of the biggest contributors to stucco damage. Water intrusion behind the surface coating deteriorates the scratch and brown coat. Efflorescence can occur, which is the white, salt-like crystals that cause the stucco to decay. Sometimes it is not seen until chunks of stucco pop off the wall. It is often referred to as stucco cancer. If left untreated, efflorescence can lead to very expensive and extensive repairs.

StrucSureCoat, a cool wall coating that emits 93% of the heat that hits the wall. This leaves only 7% available for heat transfer. This lowers wall temperatures that lower occupied space temperatures and less cooling is needed. StrucSureCoat retains all its thermal values, even after 3 years. StrucSureCoat also reflects 86% of sunlight and UV rays that cause deterioration. StrucSureCoat retains 94% of its reflectivity after 3 years. The initial reflectivity will depend on the color selected. Lighter colors have the best reflectivity.