There are several things to consider before jumping into your next roof restoration or waterproofing project. Some things to think about are roof size, style, climate, environmental stipulations, sustainability and susceptibility to further damage. When in the planning stages of your project, it’s important to do your research, look at the products available on the market even interview the companies that offer waterproofing solutions to find the best product for your property. The right waterproofing system should be formulated and designed to prevent further risk and damage and ensure the longevity of your property. To help make your next project a success, here are 6 tips to think about when planning for your next coating project.

1. Proper Waterproofing SHOULD Prevent Damage from the Pressure of Standing Water

A correctly formulated waterproof system should protect against the toughest flat and low sloped roof issues, namely ponding. To give you some insight into why ponding is such a huge problem, one cubic foot of water that pools can weigh up to 62.4 pounds. So, that means one vertical inch of water in a square foot can potentially weigh about five pounds. And if you have several ponding areas throughout the field of your roof or one large area covered with water, that weight adds up, and the pressure does a number to your roof system i.e. seam separation, lifting, mastics that crack around penetrations and flashing, deterioration at drains and waterways, etc.

2. Research The Right Type of Roof System

There are several waterproofing systems on the market today. Traditionally you will see TPO, PVC, or EPDM waterproofing membranes, which are synthetic rubber or thermoplastic membranes manufactured to be UV-resistant, water resistant, fully adhering, etc. and essentially they tote themselves as waterproof. The truth is they don’t end up improving or extending the longevity or lifecycle of your roof, they end up cracking, lifting or leaking anyway. Just because they are lightweight, less expensive, faster or easier to install doesn’t necessarily mean it is so, which leads to our next tip.

3. Upfront Costs Are Worth It

A roof does more than keep the elements out. It protects your biggest investment – your property. The right product might not be the cheapest upfront but may save you extra money and maintenance in the long run. Look at the products you’re considering for use, what does the real lifecycle look like on projects that have been done? What does the field performance look like? Look for case studies and proof of performance and don’t assume a product will do everything.

4. Warranty Research

We’ve done a couple of posts on how elusive warranties have become in the roofing industry, and we strongly suggest you go back and read them (here and here), but in short, we can’t stress enough how important it is actually to see and read what you’re getting yourself into. A consumer sees the word “warranty,” “consequential damages,” “labor and material,” etc., and immediately thinks insurance policy. The reality is that the buyer is only seeing what the seller wants them to see, aka only sees what the materials do and not what they don’t do. Read your warranty and be able to understand it word for word.

5. Field Testing

Superior physical properties and proper formulations bring the greatest value for waterproofing coatings and applications. As mentioned, a good waterproofing roof system should and will be built to last and save you money. The SureCoat Roof System is unlike any other product on the market because it protects against ponding water, leaking, separation, cracking, etc. You name it SureCoat prevents it. Our product was tested in labs and it was tested in the field – we have performed countless case studies and monitored the life of our products performance over the last 20 years at different installations in diverse climates. We are SO confident in our single-ply membrane that we are backing our sticky white goo baby with a 20-Year Renewable Warranty – and that includes ponding water

6. The Right Vendor

At SureCoat, we supply you not only with all the materials you need to do your project from start to finish, but we also supply you with the support you need to get your project done right. We are a one stop shop for all your waterproofing and roof restoration needs, a product that will last up to 20 years with a warranty you will never have to use. What’s better value than that?

Tell us about your next waterproofing project below!