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TPO Single-Ply Roof Repairs and Restorations

TPO (Thermoplastic olefin) is a single-ply roofing material that is typically mechanically fastened to the roof substrate is held together with heat welded seams. TPO roofing has seams every few feet and special flashings. Solar reflectivity often decreases dramatically over time in TPO roofing membranes; the UV rays from the sun cause these roofing materials to break down and deteriorate. Several brands of bright white TPO roofing (and PVC roofing) have a solar reflectance that is reduced by 20-30% in just the first 3 years. This makes the TPO or PVC vulnerable to excessive exposure of these rays and premature deterioration. The expected overall life cycle is decreased by this premature deterioration. Seams begin to separate and water gets under the TPO sheet and runs along the roof deck until it finds a loose fastener. Leaks appear inside at one location but the water intrusion may begin in another area of the roof.  TPO systems do not have a manufacturer’s warranty covering leaks caused by ponding water.

The SureCoat Roof System reconditions TPO single-ply roofs and adds all the missing or deficient attributes back to the roof system.

The monolithic, elastomeric SureCoat Roof System will provide 81% reflectivity after 3 years; which is higher than many materials have new. The 93% thermal emittance will keep the space under the roof cooler while lowering the demand on the HVAC system and cooling costs. The SureCoat Roof is a seamless, waterproof, cool roof membrane and does not require any holes in the roof deck during installation. Self-flashing and self-adhered; the SureCoat Roof System provides the best alternative for aged or failing TPO roof systems. The SureCoat Roof System, when installed according to specifications, has a written manufacturer’s warranty that covers ponding water on a flat roof.  Old roof materials are incorporated into the system by serving as a base for the SureCoat Roof System. Less non-biodegradable toxic waste goes into our landfills leaving a better environment to future generations.


SureSkrub, our biodegradable cleaner removes the glaze that has been degraded by UV rays, dirt and pollutants, and etches the surface for great adhesion. Other coatings typically do not adhere properly to TPO or other single ply materials. The SureCoat Roof System is made with high-end, epoxy resins that bond to a variety of substrates. The minimum requirement of 3 lbs per lineal inch is considered a positive adhesion result. The SureCoat Roof System has consistent test results of 13-19 lbs per lineal inch; over 6 times the minimum requirement.

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