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Hypalon Roof Restorations and Repairs


Hypalon is used in the construction of various products including roof membranes. According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, Hypalon was a product of DuPont Performance Elastomers, a subsidiary of DuPont and noted for its resistance to chemicals, extreme temperatures and UV radiation. Hypalon is a trademark for chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber (CSM). The Hypalon trademark has now become the common name for many types of CSM regardless of manufacturer.


Hypalon as a roofing material is a type of single-ply with similar installation methods, performance and weathering as PVC and TPO single-ply roof membranes.


Hypalon single-ply roofing membranes come manufactured in rolls like traditional asphalt rolled roofing and other single-ply roofing materials. These roof membranes are then anchored to the roof deck with special fasteners and adhesives.


As a Hypalon roof ages and thermal cycles, the fasteners begin to come loose and the seams begin to separate. This makes the roof vulnerable to roof leaks.  Like most traditional single-ply roofing systems, as a Hypalon roof ages, maintenance is required to keep the roof in good operating condition. At the end of its life cycle, there are two options for a new roof. One is to tear it off and re-roof with another traditional roofing system or two, you can restore a Hypalon roof with the SureCoat roof restoration system and never have to tear-off your roof again.


A SureCoat Roof System is easily renewed every ten to twenty years with a simple inspection, cleaning and topcoat!

In 2007, the Hypalon roofs at the AQMD were wearing thin and at the end of their life cycle. The AQMD specifications for a replacement roof required a system that would not require any holes be put into the roof deck. This spec eliminated most traditional single-ply systems and left them researching alternative roof restoration systems.


Having a system that was environmentally friendly and sustainable was extremely important to the AQMD as well, as they like to showcase green products by using them on their own facilities. The AQMD believes green sustainability is possible by using products made to hold up under the conditions they function in daily.


Research and due diligence made the AQMD aware that black asphalt emulsion and acrylic roof systems do not remain white or energy efficient. This is because the white acrylic peels away from the emulsion, leaving a black roof that absorbs heat. Although the asphalt emulsion is the waterproofing in these types of roof coating systems, asphalt is not UV stable and will break down rapidly when exposed to heat and UV radiation from the sun. For this reason, most asphalt emulsion and acrylic roof coating systems require a top coat every other year or so as part of the roof maintenance. This was not a viable solution for the AQMD.


With one solar system currently in place and a plan to install two additional roof-mount solar systems, the Hypalon roofs of the AQMD demanded a new roof system with the ability to provide long-term protection without any seams to separate, mastics to get brittle or recoat requirements to keep the roof title 24 compliant and resistant to UV. Additional requirements of the AQMD were to have a roof system with a comparable service life to their solar systems (15 years) and that the manufacturer show them a functioning roof that had been in service for at least five years and was still title 24 compliant.


Of the roof restoration systems being recommended, only SureCoat Systems was able to show the AQMD a cool roof that had been in service for over 8 years and was still title 24 compliant. The SureCoat Roof System was selected against several other roof restoration systems after having shown the AQMD their eight year old roof. Since that time, the roof was inspected, cleaned and top coated to renew the warranty for an additional 10 years. This roof is now in year 17 of 20!


A 15 year renewable SureCoat Roof System (or equal) was specified for the Hypalon roofs at the AQMD. The roofs were etched with SureSkrub allowing for tenacious adhesion, the penetrations were prepared with a 3-ply application of SureCoat and Poly-Mesh, proper repairs were made to the existing roof and a 70 mil fully reinforced SureCoat roof restoration system was installed by an Approved Contractor.


Upon completion of the project, a 15 year Non-Prorated, Renewable Manufacturer’s Labor and Material Warranty was issued to the AQMD.


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