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SureSkrub (formerly SureKlean) is a low viscosity, biodegradable, concentrated roof cleaner. SureSkrub roof cleaner is made to clean and etch existing roof materials, especially single ply membranes, in preparation for the application of SureCoat.  SureSkrub roof cleaner is used to remove the oils, UV degradation, dirt and factory-applied glaze from roofing materials.  SureSkrub roof cleaner is used to etch single-ply and metal roof surfaces to ensure excellent adhesion of SureCoat.


SureSkrub roof cleaner is perfect for preparing sheet metal, Kynar, aluminum, steel TPO, PVC, EDPM (Rubber), Hypalon, and all types of Built-up (BUR) roofing materials for elastomeric roof coating applications.  SureSkrub concentrated roof cleaner can be used right out of the pail or diluted.  Using a Hudson (bug) Sprayer, apply it to a wet roof, agitate with a brush, broom or floor scrubber until, let it sit for 15-20 minutes agitate again and rinse.  It is that simple.  For large roof projects, SureSkrub roof cleaner can be used in conjunction with a floor scrubber so that the roof cleaning is quick and easy, saving both time and money.


SureSkrub roof cleaner is also used to maintain existing SureCoat Roof Systems to keep them bright white and highly reflective.  High profile buildings such as the South Coast Air Quality Management District utilize SureSkrub roof cleaner to refresh the Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of their SureCoat Roof Systems every 18 months.  Call 877-823-7873 for pricing and coverage rates.