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Parapet Wall Seams Repair Video

3 Step Roof Parapet Seam Repair Video

Seam separation is a common issue with traditional roofing materials. The parapet walls around the roof also have these seams.  Roof leaks in the roofing seams on the parapet walls can be repaired the same way as the flat roof area in just a few minutes with the SCRS.

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Parapet Wall Cap Flashing Repair Video

Repair a Roof Parapet Wall Cap Flashing in 10 Minutes

Not all roof leaks are really roof leaks. Often, roof leaks in flat roofs and low-slope roofs are actually coming in through the parapet walls surrounding the roof. This short video shows how to complete a leak-free repair over roof parapet wall caps.

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Parapet Wall L-Flashing Repair Video

Roof to Wall L-Flashing Coating Repair Video

Many flat and low-slope roofs are surrounded by parapet walls. As a roof ages, the roofing seams begin to separate often beginning where the flat roof meets the parapet wall. This short repair video shows how to tie in a flat roof to a parapet wall with an L-Flashing using only SureCoat roof coating and Poly-Mesh.

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