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All contractors have experienced the frustration related to product performance inconsistencies and sometime product failures. Contractors, Jesse and Carolyn Martinson, grew tired of relying on manufacturers to provide them with what they and their customers needed. The Martinsons turned their frustrations into a coatings manufacturing business that provides the solutions they were looking for. Jesse Martinson, the co-founder and innovator of SureCoat Systems (SureCoat), started working in the construction industry right after high school, he
The contractor recommended a SureCoat Roof System to avoid the removal and replacement of rooftop equipment and to have minimal disruption to occupants. This Long Beach, California commercial flat roof property was in need of a new roof. This property houses storage and offices so their highest priority was to install a quality roof system that allowed building occupants to continue their day-to-day activities without disruption and without being affected by VOC’s. Joe Velasco, General
Warmup Business
Addressing a roof leak at first sight can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars in repair costs. Don’t let a minor repair turn into a major disaster. This (image above) is what the tenant sees when roof leaks are neglected or repaired with products that do not work.  It is not only an unappealing sight, but that menacing feeling overcomes anyone sitting in an office when they see those dreaded marks on the ceiling. 
hail storms
Prevent Hail Damage on Your Roofs Hail can strike in any season, in 2019 alone there were 5,382 major hailstorms according to statistics culled from NOAA’s Severe Storms database. In 2018, 4,610 major hailstorms occurred, resulting in $810 million in property and crop damage. More than 10.7 million US properties were affected by one or more damaging hail events in 2017 according to Verisk Estimates. Hail pellets can vary from pea size to 7” in diameter
Anaheim White House
When a little roof leak inspires a fun new way to give. After a devastating fire a few years ago, most of the main restaurant building was rebuilt. The ballroom received a facelift with the reopening of the restaurant, but a new roof wasn’t an option at the time for the West Wing.  Unfortunately, it started showing a few new roof leaks with last season’s heavy rains. Originally built in 2010, the flat roof looked
The right products that cover you every season. Some areas of the country are blessed to see the four seasons and some are blessed not to see four seasons, it’s a matter of opinion; however, no matter what part of the country and what season you are facing, there is one thing that doesn’t change; that is the need for roofing. There is always new construction and repair work needed; luckily there are viable coating
April Showers' Roof Repairs
Neither Should Your Roof Repairs. April showers are much needed for many reasons. However, they can become highly inconvenient for Property Owners; especially during COVID-19 Social distancing times, and when the thought of having someone come look at a property may not be very appealing. Some property owners and managers will end up in a situation where temporary repairs need to be completed to keep the building dry and safe to occupy. When these repairs
Roof Failures Heading
How knowledge and prevention can make a BIG difference in the life of your commercial roof. In Part 1 we reviewed a few factors that affect the lifespan of a flat roof such as poor installation, weathering and wind-uplift. In this second part of our series we will explore a few more of the most common ones; from what they are, how and why they happen, to what steps you can take to prevent or
Roof Failures Heading
How knowledge and prevention can make a BIG difference in the life of your commercial roof. There are several factors that affect the lifespan of a flat roof. In this two part series, we will explore some of the most common ones; from what they are, how and why they happen, and what steps you can take to prevent or repair them. Poor Installation Craftmanship is the foundation of any project and can make or
Bear the Fall Weather
With the Best Kept Secret – SureSet by SureCoat Systems In California, our fall and winter can be extremely humid, cool and wet, and as in many other areas of the country, we see storms intermittently rolling in. As you know, rainy/damp days can present challenges when performing flat roof repairs or restorations in cooler weather and require a constant watchful eye for storms. So naturally, it slows down the roofing season for many contractors