The contractor recommended a SureCoat Roof System to avoid the removal and replacement of rooftop equipment and to have minimal disruption to occupants.

This Long Beach, California commercial flat roof property was in need of a new roof. This property houses storage and offices so their highest priority was to install a quality roof system that allowed building occupants to continue their day-to-day activities without disruption and without being affected by VOC’s.

Joe Velasco, General Manager, chose this roof system because it eliminated the need for tearing-off the existing torched-down roof and the removal of any cell equipment. Additional reasons were that the product remains flexible after application, has top-rated waterproofing technology that protects from ponding water, can be quickly cleaned and top-coated to keep the system functioning like new, and can easily be repaired when adding or changing out roof mounted equipment. In this case all these reasons were extremely important. The roof ‘s architectural features included cell towers, pitch pockets, cable housings, electrical equipment along with a multitude of tight spaces.

The SureCoat Roof System used consisted of SureCoat, Poly-Mesh Fabric and SureSkrub. When used together, these products create a system ideal for existing roofs requiring leak repairs, maintenance or complete waterproofing which is easy to install and maintain.

Choosing the SureCoat Roof System for this project allowed for a 15-year, renewable warranty.

We asked Howard & Son’s why they like SureCoat and he told us that his top reasons were the technical and customer support along with on-going training and a product that is easy to install with various color options.