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There comes a point in every roof’s life where repairs are needed as part of the maintenance to keep the roof in leak-free condition.  Rather than spending roof repair dollars on temporary mastic or acrylic roof repairs, why not install a roof coating system that will last?  The solution is a SureCoat Roof Extender!  A SureCoat Roof Extender is a partial SureCoat Roof System (roof coating system) that can be added on to over time as roof budgets allow.


This is the only roof coating system on the market that can be used as a partial roof system now, and later be integrated into a fully warranted roof system.


The SureCoat Roof Extender can be applied as a partial roof coating system for use in waterways, drains, ponding areas, HVAC curbs, ducts, plenums, penetrations and skylight curbs.  This partial system comes with an option to complete the remainder of the roof in the future.  SureCoat Roof Extenders are compatible with all types of flat and low-sloped roofing materials including Built-up (BUR), Single-ply (EPDM, PVC, TPO) and Metal roof systems.


Unlike mastic and acrylic roof coatings that are only UV resistant, SureCoat is actually Field Tested and proven to be UV Stable. Mastic, silicone and acrylic roof coatings break down under UV exposure causing the roof repair to crack, split or peel off.  These areas are then in need of repair once again.  A SureCoat Roof Extender is a fluid-applied partial roof coating system that cures into a completely monolithic single-ply roof membrane that will not shrink, crack or tear when exposed to UV radiation.



How it works:  A SureCoat Roof Extender will typically start with the drains, waterways and penetrations of a large roof.  These are common problem areas on large commercial and industrial flat roofs.  The next year half of the roof field could be completed and the following year the other half of the roof can be completed.  The previously extended sections require cleaning with SureSkrub and a topcoat of SureCoat to tie the entire roof coating system together.


Once the roof is complete, it is then eligible for a SureCoat Roof System (SCRS) warranty*.  The SCRS warranty is the only warranty of its kind with coverage for leaks in ponding areas over existing flat and low-sloped roofing systems.


*Installer must be an Approved Contractor and have followed all Warranty Checklist steps for all phases of the Roof Extender.

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Completed SureCoat Roof System, integrated 2 years after initial Roof Extender.