SureCoat Systems Flat Roof Coatings

SureCoat Roof Systems are the only CRRC rated, Title 24 Compliant, Energy Star Approved, single component roof reconditioning systems that are waterproof throughout the entire system! SureCoat are engineered hybrid coatings not just another white acrylic roof paint! As SureCoat (epoxy coating/polymer coating) wears, the same waterproof membrane is exposed.

SureCoat is also a unique repair system that can easily be added to over time creating a new flat roof system just by repairing part of the existing roof with a SureCoat Roof System.

SureCoat flat roof coatings can be used over almost any existing roof system including Metal roofs, BUR, Concrete roofs, IRMA roofs, PVC roofs, TPO roofs, EPDM roofs, APP roofs and Hypalon roofs. SureCoat flat roof coating products are perfect for flat and low sloped roofs, even those in the worst condition.

SureCoat Roof Systems are resistant to animal fats, making SureCoat flat roof coating products and systems ideal for restaurant roofs. SureCoat stand up to environmental pollutants, mold, mildew and most chemicals. SureCoat roof coatings have the highest aged reflectivity and thermal emissivity ratings available today.

With SureCoat roof systems, all future penetrations (due to new equipment installation) are easily repaired. Maintenance and HVAC change outs are much simpler and will not affect the waterproofing on a flat roof when sealed with a SureCoat roof coating system. SureCoat and Sure-A-Thane are seamless, membrane forming flat roof coating systems so there is never a cold joint when using these coatings to seal new penetrations on a flat roof. SureCoat will also seal HVAC ducts and plenums creating greater energy efficiency in heating and cooling systems.

SureCoat Roof Systems are the only roof systems with a warranty that covers ponding water on flat and low sloped roofs. Ponding water is the main source of water intrusion on flat and low sloped roofs. SureCoat full systems have renewable flat roof warranties for as long as a building is in use.

SureCoat flat roof coating systems are the longest lasting flat roof solutions that you can find in theUSA.