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Want a long lasting proven product that projects your individuality, style and class while enhancing the curb value of your property?  With so many heat reflective wall coatings, choosing the right product for your property can be a bit overwhelming but here at SureCoat Systems, we make it easy!


HERO Approved, StrucSureCoat is an epoxy-hybrid, single-component wall coating system with cooling properties, superior bonding characteristics and all weather protection that will last for many years.   Download Benefits Sheet


Almost any property looks great the day after it’s painted, but what about a few years down the road?  Mother Nature can really take a toll on a building’s exterior leaving concrete, stucco and wood surfaces exposed to the elements.  This is why a product that provides protection from the sun and its harmful rays as well as protection from wind, rain and wind-driven rain is so important to the longevity of a building’s exterior.  The right wall protection system can dramatically impact curb appeal and the value of a property.  StrucSureCoat wall coatings are backed by over 20 years of proven success in application.  Click here to view our photo albums…


StrucSureCoat is engineered with thermodynamic properties, designed to withstand freeze/thaw fluctuations making StrucSureCoat the best elastomeric wall coating for all weather protection.  This protection encapsulates a building’s exterior walls, defending it from the degrading effects of UV light, excessive heat, wind and rain.


Approximately 50% of light from the sun is infrared light which turns to heat.  UV radiation and infrared light causes increased surface temperatures which lead directly to an increase in a building’s interior temperatures.  You can see the effects of this on your summer energy bills.  StrucSureCoat wall coatings help to lower the demand on your HVAC and keeps the interior space cooler by emitting 93% of that radiating heat back into the atmosphere.  By emitting the majority of the atmosphere’s heat and reflecting up to 86% of the sun’s harsh UV rays, StrucSureCoat can eliminate almost all that radiant heat transfer, keeping the occupied space much more comfortable.  And lower interior temperatures, means lower cooling costs!  StrucSureCoat wall coatings can contribute up to 30% in energy savings by reducing surface temperatures up to 40 degrees or more. These properties decrease with the darker colors.


Traditional acrylic and elastomeric wall coatings are known to lift and peel in extreme heat and cold.  StrucSureCoat elastomeric wall coatings have a perfected elongation allowing it to expand and contract with even the most extreme thermal cycles without ever becoming brittle, splitting, cracking or tearing.
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StrucSureCoat wall coatings have a thick viscosity very similar to the SureCoat roof coating, providing more dry mils per gallon and more coverage than low viscosity paints.  StrucSureCoat is more than 4 times thicker than exterior paint.  A HERO Approved finished application is approximately 20 mils DFT.


StrucSureCoat is available in 25 standard energy efficient colors including 4 dark trim accent colors.


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