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Winter getting you down… from that roof you need to fix?

Performing flat roof repairs in cold weather has its challenges. VOC and Energy Efficiency standards have created shifts in the industry which lead to formulation changes for roofing manufacturers. Strict VOC regulations were implemented in California years ago, but now these restrictions are being adopted all over the nation. These newer environmental guidelines are contributing to the growth of the roof coating industry, and driving change to roof coating formulas throughout the country.


Using the proper VOC compliant, ASTM tested and CRRC rated roof coatings in these VOC regulating states, inclement weather can significantly impact a roof coating business if you get caught up with unexpected weather. Super VOC compliant and Zero VOC content coatings are water based and susceptible to early wash-off if not cured properly before exposure to dew and rain. Many coating manufacturers have a water based product line and some, like SureCoat Systems, have already switched to only manufacturing solvent-free, water based coatings and sealers.


By curing in as little as 2-12 hours in temperatures as low as 40°F, SureSet eliminates this headache! SureSet can save you time and money on your roof coating repairs and roof restorations this winter.  SureSet is a fast-drying roof coating with similar waterproofing ability as original SureCoat and has excellent adhesion to any roof without a primer. SureSet can be used for flat roof repairs in cold weather to seal roof seams, roof jacks, HVAC curbs, parapet walls, drains, waterways and to fix leaks where there is ponding water. See these repair videos here…

Applicable Roof Systems

BUR, Asphalt Bitumen Roofs

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As a built-up roof system weathers and ages, roof maintenance is required to keep the roof leak-free and properly maintained...

Acrylic & Emulsion Roofs

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Gravel and Tar Roofs

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Flat and low-slope gravel roofs are some of the most difficult roof systems to detect the location of roof leaks and then repair...

TPO Roofs

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TPO (Thermoplastic olefin) is a single-ply roofing material that is typically mechanically fastened to the roof substrate is held...

SureSet is a premium waterproof roof coating with chemistry formulation derived from the marine industry. SureSet is specifically engineered to withstand early wash-off in association with heavy dew or light rain. SureSet is used with Poly-Mesh, reinforcing roof fabric, for permanent flat roof repairs in cold weather or together with SureCoat for complete flat roof restorations over all types of existing commercial roofing systems.


The cause of leaks through the roof are often found at areas where black mastic seals have dried and split open. Leaks on flat roofs are common at roof seams, drains, waterways and ponding areas. To seal a ponding area with a roof coating in cold weather is difficult. Without SureSet’s fast-drying technology or using solvent-based products, the coating on the roof will likely not cure before overnight lows and morning dew compromised the integrity of the roof coating. SureSet will seal these flat roof leaks and dry quickly. SureSet adheres directly to any roof surface without a primer including built-up, gravel and single-ply roofing. For long lasting flat roof repairs, just clean and topcoat your SureSet repair with 20 mils of original SureCoat within 4-6 months.

Traditional roof coatings and black mastics crack and leak in a short period.

SureSet was formulated to last for years, sealing the most stubborn flat roof leaks. When used as part of the SureCoat Roof System, SureSet is durable enough to waterproof any traditional commercial roofing system and all styles of flat roof membranes. SureSet and SureCoat have continuous bonding properties and cross-linked molecules, making future roof repairs and equipment change-outs quick, simple and affordable. By using the SureCoat Roof System, repair dollars are not wasted but rather, they are an investment toward a complete seamless single-ply roofing system.


Routine roof maintenance using SureSet for flat roof repairs extends the life of existing roofs by years.

SureSet Roof Extenders, are large flat roof repairs that can be added on to over time as roof budgets allow. Roof Extenders can be integrated into a fully warranted SureCoat Roof System once the roof budget allows for completion. The SureCoat Roof System is a single-component roof coating system that is 100% seamless, withstands ponding water and prolongs the life of existing roofs in need of repair or replacement. Make your flat roof repairs permanent this winter with SureSet as part of the SureCoat Roof System!

Applicable Substrates: Asphalt BUR, Gravel and Tar, TPO, PVC, EPDM, Hypalon, Acrylic and Emulsion, all Metal roofs, SPF/Foam and Concrete.


Approvals/Testing: CRRC, Energy Star, Title 24 and ASTM testing that complies with IBC requirements and exceeds FM standards for hail, wind uplift and wind-driven rain.


Benefits: Resistance to Early Wash-off, 100% Seamless (Monolithic Membrane), Fully-Reinforced, Fully-Adhered, Self-Priming, Self-Flashing, Reduced Life-Cycle Costs, Prolongs Roof Life, Renewable, Super VOC Compliant in all US states and territories.


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Field Tested, Mother Nature Approved!