Built-up Roof Systems (BUR)

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Built-up Roof Repairs and Roof Restorations

Many flat and low-slope roofs consist of a built-up roof system. The roof starts with a concrete, steel or wood substrate, insulation and a cover board such as OSB. The built-up roof system is then comprised in plies of saturated or coated felts. These felt layers are adhered together with asphalt and topped with a Cap Sheet, Modified Membrane or a flood coat of tar or asphalt bitumen and Gravel.


As a built-up roof system weathers and ages, roof maintenance is required to keep the roof leak-free and properly maintained.  Lack of proper maintenance on a built-up roof can result in hazardous air conditions and costly roof repairs including moisture saturated insulation, mold and substrate rot.


Thermal cycling and moisture exposure, especially ponding water on a roof, will erode the protective mineral cap leaving the black sheet vulnerable to the elements.  The underlayment plies of a built-up roof are not UV stable or reflective and will absorb heat.  This UV radiation will dry out the asphalt saturated layers and cause the Cap Sheet to crack and checker. Once a Cap Sheet or Modified Membrane of a built-up roof system has dried out, the roofing materials can no longer flex properly with thermal cycles and the roofing seams begin to separate at an accelerated rate.  Next, the exposed saturated felt becomes dried out and the mastic around penetrations becomes brittle.  When these areas break open with small cracks, leaks begin to appear.


Left untreated, roof leaks will cause further damage to insulation and the roof substrate.

Restore your Built-up Roof to Better than New Condition!

For more than a decade, the SureCoat Roof System has been being successfully used to repair and restore existing built-up roof systems to better than new condition! There is no tear-off, no smell and no tenant disruptions with the installation of a SureCoat Roof System.


The SureCoat Roof System is a 100% sustainable, monolithic (seamless), cool roof membrane with a 10-20 year renewable warranty that covers ponding when installed to specification by an Approved Contractor.


The SureCoat Roof System is self-flashing and self-adhered, making the installation process more cost-effective than a roof tear-off or single-ply roof over. All the roof penetrations and equipment curbs are incorporated into the SureCoat waterproofing system allowing all joints to move with thermal cycles without splitting open like mastics used with traditional built-up roof systems. By using the existing roof as a base, a SureCoat Roof becomes a completely sustainable roof system that never creates toxic waste. Restoring a built-up roof with the SureCoat Roof System is safe, smart, and environmentally responsible.

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