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Gravel Roof Repairs and Roof Restorations

Tar and gravel roof systems are traditionally comprised of several layers of coated felt that is built up and sealed together with asphalt bitumen or tar. The asphalt is then covered with a layer of gravel to protect it from UV radiation and heat.  Heat and UV accelerate the deterioration of the asphalt roofing materials underneath the gravel.


Flat and low-slope gravel roofs are some of the most difficult roof systems to detect the location of roof leaks and then repair.  The gravel hides the surface of the roof and often creates a water dam that allows water to pond for long periods of time.  This ponded water also accelerates the deterioration of the asphalt roofing under the gravel.


Once a gravel roof is weathered and brittle, walking on the roof increases the chances of developing roof leaks.  Year after year, the chances increase of the gravel puncturing the brittle roof membrane during routine HVAC or roof maintenance.  A puncture in the roof membrane can even appear as a roof leak in an area of the roof that has been previously repaired.  Water will always find the weakest point of entry and travel.  Years can be spent chasing the leaks in gravel roofs.

There are few options for restoring an old gravel roof; luckily SureCoat is one of them!

There are not many options for repairing flat and low-slope gravel roofs long-term.  Often, a roof tear-off or SPF foam encapsulation are the only options suggested by roofing contractors.  Unfortunately both these options are very expensive.  Even SPF foam roofs need a waterproof coating like SureCoat to protect them from moisture and UV.  The SureCoat Roof System can be used directly over a spud gravel roof as a partial or full roof reconditioning system.


The SureCoat Roof Restoration System is the longest lasting roof coating system for gravel roofs that have reached the end of their life cycle.  By using the existing roof as a base, the SureCoat Roof System can add an additional 10-20 years of life back into an existing gravel roof without tear-off.


A SureCoat roof eliminates 100% of roof seams, withstands ponding water conditions and is UV stable for the entire life of the system (10-20 years).  What other manufacturer can say that?  There are no seams, no flashings and no penetrations in a SureCoat Roof System.  The SureCoat Roof System is self-flashing, self-adhered and self-priming, making the installation process simple.  Watch a short SureCoat roof repair video here… 


SureCoat is Title 24 compliant; Energy Star approved and has exceedingly high testing results published with the Cool Roof Rating Counsel (CRRC).  The low VOC formula of SureCoat does not harm our air quality and is environmentally responsible.


The SureCoat Roof System converts an old gravel roof into a completely sustainable roof system.  The SureCoat Roof System has a written warranty* that is non-prorated, covers leaks in roof ponds and is renewable with maintenance applications at the end of each warranty period when installed to specification by an Approved Contractor.  With proper maintenance, the SureCoat Roof System is the last roof a building will ever need!


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