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Our waterproofing solutions appeal to the progressive-minded architect interested in using cutting edge chemistry to achieve structural integrity and protection for all types of existing building materials.


SureCoat Systems’ products are an ideal fit for Architects, Engineers and Energy Auditors that are focusing on green, sustainable design of flat and low-sloped roofing, exterior walls and various concrete substrates.


We at SureCoat Systems are committed to providing you with excellent products and technical support from start to finish on your projects.  Our professionals support team has decades of experience in the construction industry and can assist with setting accurate budgets for your clients.  SureCoat Systems offers products that will stretch your client’s budget while being environmentally responsible.  By utilizing SureCoat Systems roofing and waterproofing products, you can sustain the life of existing building materials, keeping the old materials out of landfills.


Our 30+ years in the industry has allowed us to develop cost effective waterproofing solutions for the most problematic roofing and water intrusion issues.  We have Field Tested solutions for flat and low-slope roofing, historical buildings, parking structures and more. One of the most destructive elements to building materials is water intrusion and the damage it causes. We have a variety of coating products and specifications for restoring and protecting exterior building materials from water intrusion.  These specs can be modified for your project and copied right into your own specification documents.


We stand behind our products and have the warranties to prove it!  Together we can assess your client’s roofing and waterproofing needs and provide professional specifications that solve the issues pertaining to each specific project.  Product Specialists are available at 877-823-7873 with proven waterproofing solutions.

7 Ways We Support You

Professional Installation Guides, Product Data and Specs.

Flat and Low-Slope Roof Coatings, Exterior Wall Coatings and Penetrating Sealers for Concrete, brick, masonry and other natural stone building materials.

Detailed Professional Specifications are available in a format that is easily dropped into your existing projects specifications.

Samples for Test Patterns and Adhesion Testing.

By appointment, a SureCoat Systems Product Specialist can act as the material expert to your client on your behalf (Video chat, Conference calls, Presentations).

Industry’s Best Roof and Wall Warranties.

Assistance with budget estimates prior to a project going out to bid.

System Benefits

Withstands Ponding Water

Single Component

Approved Contractors Available

Renewable 10 to 20 Year Performance Warranties


CRRC Rated & Energy Star Approved

Self-Flashing & Self-Priming

Fully Adhered Without Penetrations in the Roof Deck

Penetrates 2-4″ Deep

Purges Soluble Chlorides & Moisture

Creates a Vapor Moisture Barrier

Adds Structural Integrity & Increases PSI


Leaves Concrete Breathable

Keeps Membrane Coatings from Bubbling & Lifting

Waterproofs Concrete, Masonry & Brick

HERO Approved

Emits up to 93% of Heat

Approved Contractors Available

Performance Warranties Available


Energy Star Approved

Covers Cracks up to 1/16″

Does Not Dry Out Like Paints & Acrylic Coatings

Waterproofs Stucco & Wood

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