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What is the Value in Specifying SureCoat on your Flat Roof job. Ok so you already have a black roof that absorbs heat…Do you really want to pay someone to give you another one?   Most coating systems use a black emulsion base that can absorb heat even while under regular white acrylics. Aside from the fact white acrylics are not waterproof and should not be used on flat roofs; they are often applied too
It is more than being the only single component system with a renewable Warranty that covers Ponding Water on a Flat Roof. It is more than having less than 1% VOCs, making SureCoat proudly environmentally friendly. And it is even more than having such an amazing rating with the CRRC after 3 years aged testing. It is 3 fold.  1. The warranty coverage is the best in the business.  Ponding conditions on a flat roof
Acrylic Coating that sat in water on a low-slope roof. Why you must always read the Product Data Sheet and Engineering Specifications…Don’t let this be your Roof! Ever wonder why your coating is bubbling, cracking, chipping and peeling away? One way to be sure that you are using a product properly is to read the Product Data and Specifications. Not all Coatings are created equal!! The truth is many coatings are grossly misused. You can’t use
This is a high rise in San Francisco, CA. Aside from the fact this is a historical building (built 1938) and the owner was concerned that other roofing companies told them a tear off would disturb the architectural ceilings; there is no room for equipment to do a tear off or a way to get the old materials down the side of the building. Several contractor’s walked away from the project. A SureCoat Systems’ certified