Acrylic Coating Failure
Acrylic Coating that sat in water on a low-slope roof.

Why you must always read the Product Data Sheet and Engineering Specifications…Don’t let this be your Roof!

Ever wonder why your coating is bubbling, cracking, chipping and peeling away? One way to be sure that you are using a product properly is to read the Product Data and Specifications. Not all Coatings are created equal!! The truth is many coatings are grossly misused. You can’t use an acrylic reflective coating and expect to get a watertight structure. Do yourself a favor and read up on what you are using. Most product warranties read that nothing but a huge manufacturing defect is the only coverage that you get with their warranty after all the finely printed exclusions. What good is that? Where is your guarantee that the product will do what it says it will do? You can read all our specifications online at: