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All contractors have experienced the frustration related to product performance inconsistencies and sometime product failures. Contractors, Jesse and Carolyn Martinson, grew tired of relying on manufacturers to provide them with what they and their customers needed. The Martinsons turned their frustrations into a coatings manufacturing business that provides the solutions they were looking for.

Jesse Martinson, the co-founder and innovator of SureCoat Systems (SureCoat), started working in the construction industry right after high school, he joined his family’s construction company and then went into business for himself. Jesse’s experience with working for his family’s company and venturing off on his own led to the deep understanding of the importance of using quality building materials for all their projects.  Customers expect their hired contractor to stand behind their work AND the material installed. With their construction company name on the line with every product installation, Jesse’s company was at risk if they didn’t partner with a solid manufacturer.

Unfortunately, as the company grew, that risk turned into a liability.  After testing and using many different coating products in hopes to find a consistent-performing solution, continued product failures caused the company to spend a lot of time and money fixing these problems, instead of focusing on growing their business.

Jesse’s focus was to oversee the coating division of the company but between 2002 and 2003, with sales of over $18 mil per year and over 100 employees, the company had to create a fully functioning service department just to manage the repair work of these coating failures.

After trying to navigate manufacturers’ customer service departments, engineers, technicians and even staff at material supply houses, Jesse’s company was left with having no feasible solution or even another product that would get the job done.

Frustrated with this situation, Jesse pursued a solution. The company collaborated in research and tested different types of products which led to developing a relationship with a company that had marine expertise. This new working relationship gave birth to a product line that surpassed all their expectations. The resulting products could be exposed to harsh environments, salt water, treated water, and all kinds of different water environments. Best of all, they performed well on flat roofs, walls and decks.

Once all testing was completed, Jesse’s contracting business started using these products exclusively to complete repairs, and eventually evolving them into new roof, wall and deck coating and reconditioning systems. Impressed with its performance, the company decided that it was time to offer them to the public and SureCoat Systems was born.

Today SureCoat is managed by Carolyn Martinson and their products have been successfully covering roofs for many years. Since their launch, SureCoat Systems has been monitoring their projects around the country to assess performance to weathering. In over 15 years, there have been zero product failures.

As a customer of SureCoat, roof applicators and building owners can count on top-of-the-line customer service with a company that stands behind their products. Jesse’s family business prides itself with using SureCoat Systems coatings on their many roofing projects. SureCoat Systems customers will interact with team leaders, Monique Gonzales, who supports existing customers as a product specialist, and Jeff Cyran, who heads their sales and technical teams, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, and who used the products for years as a contractor prior to joining the company”.

In March 2021, SureCoat Systems, launched their Facebook Live series which is held every other week at 3:30PM PST. These live sessions will cover topics such as product reviews and performance, application training, Q&A’s, contests, and much more.

Join them live and get a chance to interact with the SureCoat Systems team and interact with them in real time!

For more information on SureCoat Systems visit their website or call 877-823-7873.