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SureCoat Concrete Sealers are successfully being used across the USA to repair, restore, maintain and protect existing concrete.  SureCoat Concrete Sealers penetrate 2 to 4 inches into the substrate of concrete to create a vapor moisture barrier.  SureCoat concrete sealers are also Deep Penetrating Densifiers (SS-DPD) that seal cracks and harden as they become an integral part of the concrete.  This results in a much denser and stronger concrete.


Moisture infilltration in concrete will cause rebar to swell and the concrete to spall which leads to structural damage and costly repairs.  SureCoat Concrete Sealers protect the rebar inside of the concrete to prevent deterioration from moisture and contaminants.  SureCoat Concrete Sealers stop water, oil, gas, grease, salts and other fluids from damaging concrete.


SureCoat Concrete Sealers are unique in that the hydrophilic properties of these sealers fill the concrete capillaries and seal cracks, honey combs, and joints in the concrete, prolonging the useful life of the concrete.


SureCoat Concrete Sealers are formulated clear sealers that consist of a penetrating inorganic potassium-sodium modified material that “fuses” with the concrete to stop water, oil, gas, grease, salts and other fluids from damaging the concrete yet still allow the concrete to breathe.  SureCoat Concrete Sealers react with the alkali in concrete to form a penetrating micro-solution which hardens and consequently densifies the concrete.  If the pH content of the concrete is less than 10, use of Concrete Catalyst is required in conjunction with the SS-DPD concrete sealer for a consistent chemical reaction.


SureCoat Concrete Sealers sit below the profile of the concrete surface. After the curing process of 7-10 days, the concrete should be cleaned of purged contaminants.  The concrete sealer will leave 1/8th of inch of the concrete profile open and ready for the application of a Water Repellent Sealer (clear penetrating water repellent sealer) or StrucSureCoat (colored membrane forming wall coating).


The Corpus Christi Texas Seawall Reconstruction Project and the salvaging of a very porous concrete slab (46,000 square feet) at the PPG Plant in Sulphur, Louisiana, are two successfully completed high-profile projects. Read more about the Seawall and PPG Plant here…


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Facts and Benefits

  • Small linear molecules
  • Potassium silicate
  • Reacts with alkali
  • Fills capillaries and voids in concrete
  • Blocks/reduces vapor emissions through concrete but leaves concrete breathable
  • Exfoliates chlorides, salt, oils, lime, animal fats, etc.
  • Penetrates 2” to 4”
  • Does not alter bondability of sealed concrete, Does not affect the profile
  • Sealed concrete can be treated with a topical sealer or membrane coating
  • Does not contain any wax or paraffin

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