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How do you know if a product you’re installing on a customer’s roof is really waterproof? Will you have to repair a failed installation or have you been dealing with these failed types of installations already? In this episode of “Field Tested”, SureCoat Innovator Jesse Martinson details the importance of perm rating, an essential waterproofing tool that’s not widely known. He discusses what the rating system looks like, how to use this rating to scope out the best of the best when it comes to waterproofing, and details the damage a not-so-waterproof product can do to a building. Jesse has witnessed many failed projects relating to poor perm ratings. It’s time to listen in and boost your business by waterproofing the right way.

Top Two From Episode #003:

  1. Protection from the Sun is important, but waterproofing is crucial
  2. The lower the number, the better – think lower than 1

Time-stamped Show Notes:

1:08 – Why is perm rating so important?

2:20 – Jesse breaks down the importance of the perm rating number system

4:14 – Why is SureCoat’s perm rating number so important?

5:55 – Jesse discusses how they engineered SureCoat with this industry-leading perm rating

8:00 – Project Case Study: The Importance of perm rating – in the field examples

Resources/Tools/Links Mentioned In This Episode:

The science behind the SureCoat Systems Product Line:

Permeability – How Much Moisture Should Really Get Through Your Roof? Hint: The Answer is NONE.