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Why regular roof inspections may save you time and money

Recently we covered a few of the challenges that contractors face when working on roof repairs. In today’s blog, we go back to the very beginning- Step one: Identify damage by doing regular roof inspections.

One of the most important things about making your roof last, along with selecting the right products, is regular roof inspections. Lack of maintenance is the single largest factor leading to premature roof failures. Regular inspections can help avoid the need for untimely replacements or repairs.

If that weren’t enough, there is another BIG reason for regular inspections. This one hitting where it hurts most, your wallet. The cost of an annual roof preventative maintenance program is between 1 to 2% of the replacement value of the roof. By simply investing that small amount of the replacement cost every year, you increase the expected service life of the roof by a whopping 50 to 100%, which is just sound fiscal management.

Regular roof inspections can help you catch problems while they are still minor and easily fixed to maintain your warranty. Issues that arise from lack of maintenance can void some warranties. Inspections also allow you to take timely action or create a plan to solve the problem based on your available budget. Lastly, roof inspections can also help avoid loss or damage to secondary property such as internal or external equipment, furniture, or even having to shut down your business for a prolonged period of time because of roof major system failures.

So, whether you have mastered the “maintenance gig” with regular inspections or are just now jumping into the “maintenance wagon”, SureCoat Systems can help.

SureCoat Systems can help you assess your roof and can help create an annual report that will notify you of areas that need attention such as delaminated areas, worn waterways and areas where water ponds, cracks and splitting around new or old penetrations, blisters, parapet walls separating and failing, deteriorating caulking, equipment curbs, drains and more.

This report will also help you obtain enough information to plan a budget for future repairs to get the most out of the life of your existing roof.

Best of all, the average regular roof inspection takes approximately 45 minutes. Less than an hour of your day, can save you days or even months of headaches in the future. A roof inspection usually consists of examining the roof surface material as well as carefully assessing underlying areas of the structure such as eaves, chimneys, fasteners, and other vulnerable spots, and although building owners can spot many obviously damaged areas, a trained professional will be able to catch those issues invisible to non-roofing professionals.

So, don’t wait until there is a problem such as rain or winter storm coming your way since that will be the time when roofers are swamped with calls. It’s also the hardest time to find available products that can be applied in wet and cold conditions, and the further deterioration of existing problems can mean spending a lot more money and time than you expected on a repair. Call SureCoat Systems 877-823-7873 or click today for an Approved Contractor in your area, and get ahead of the curb to protect and prolong the life of your existing roof. Let your repairs be the start of your new roof!