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Elastomeric Cool Roof Coating


SURE-A-THANE – High-Grade Elastomeric Cool Roof Coating

Sure-a-thane is a water-based single component monolithic, elastomeric cool roof coating that provides seamless roofing protection and is durable enough to protect against ponding water on flat and low-slope roofs.  Sure-a-thane has been engineered with the highest grade cross linked resins that provide increased durability and elasticity compared to standard acrylic and silicone cool roof coatings.  Sure-a-thane is highly reflective and can help reduce energy costs.  Sure-a-thane is fast drying with excellent adhesion properties and is compatible with all types of roofing substrates.


Sure-a-thane is the cool roof coating component of a SureCoat Roof Restoration System.  A renewable warranty option is available for complete roof restorations only through an Approved Contractor.  The SureCoat roof warranty covers areas of ponding water on flat and low-sloped roofing and is renewable for as long as a building is in use.  Contact a SureCoat Product Specialist for details.


Sure-a-thane was designed to protect and restore existing roofing materials from water intrusion and UV radiation.  Sure-a-thane has dynamic adhesion and durability over a variety of roofing materials including, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF), Built-up (BUR), Single-ply (EPDM, PVC, TPO) and Metal roof systems.


Sure-a-thane is a self-adhered and self-flashing cool roof coating with a high solid content and low perm rating.  The high solid content of 81% creates a thick flexible membrane that will not crack, chip or peel like traditional cool roof coatings.  Each gallon of Sure-a-thane generates approximately 10.5 dry mils of coating per gallon per square.  The perm rating of Sure-a-thane is .019 making it the perfect choice for flat and low-sloped roofing restorations.  The perm rating is the rate at which moisture passes through the coating.  The lower the perm rating the better its resistance to ponding water.


Sure-a-thane exceeds FM standards for Class 1 fire resistance, windstorm and hail resistance and remains energy efficient as it weathers.  High grade Tio2 with Nano particles are used for higher reflectivity and better cleaning which aids in keeping the energy values high and the VOC content low.  With only 23 grams per liter, it is a VOC compliant cool roof coating even in the most stringent areas.  Sure-a-thane has one of the highest aged ratings listed on the Cool Roof Rating Counsel (CRRC), is Title 24 compliant and is an Energy Star product.


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