Hail Damage Roof Repair Solutions


During storm and hurricane season, hail can be a costly expense across the United States and no roof is completely protected from hail damage. Some roof membranes may have hail rating classifications but not one product has a warranty that covers these Acts of God. Hail both large and small can cause severe and costly damage to a structures roof. An older or more weathered roof is more susceptible to hail damage than a newer roof membrane, especially in the case of asphalt shingles which loose their mineral cap, wear and become brittle.

You can use SureCoat Systems roof coating products to repair hail damage on roofs including Asphalt Shingles, BUR, TPO roofs and PVC roofs and more. TPO and PVC roofs are great candidates for a SureCoat roof repair when there is roof damage caused by hail. Unlike most acrylic roof coatings that will not adhere to TPO and PVC, SureCoat and Sure-A-Thane will adhere to almost any roof substrate, in most cases with out a primer.

SureCoat and Sure-A-Thane liquid applied coatings are FM approved for hail susceptibility, wind driven rain, water leakage resistance, foot traffic, and more under Factory Mutual Standard 4470 Class 1 classification. SureCoat coatings are ASTM tested and found to exceed all industry standards, including Southern California, with the strictest regulations Nationwide. SureCoat flat roof coatings have a UL 790 Class A rating, are Title 24 compliant and SPFA accredited. The resins in SureCoat roof coatings are engineered, tested and proven to have better hail resistance and resistance to foot traffic than typical elastomeric roof coatings.

As of April 2010, according to Factory Mutual Standard 4470, Section 4.4.1, Conditions of Acceptance for Hail Damage Resistance are as follows: when tested the coating membrane both weathered and un-weathered did not show any signs of cracking, splitting, separation or rupture under examination when magnified 10 times.

Other testing performed includes water leakage, where SureCoat roof coatings passed FM Approvals by means of ASTM testing D7281. This testing showed no signs of leakage after 7 day testing. For foot traffic resistance there was no sign of tearing or cracking of the SureCoat protective roof membrane material when tested according to FM Approvals standards.

These approvals and accreditations make SureCoat Roof Systems ideal for your existing roof with hail damage.