February’s Project of the Month is Awarded to JemStar Construction & JD Properties for the Star Dust Apartments

SureCoat Roof System installed by: JEMSTAR CONSTRUCTION

This was the condition of the foam roof on The Stardust Apartments prior to the application of the SureCoat Roof System.

This was the condition of the foam roof on The Stardust Apartments prior to the application of the SureCoat Roof System.

You wouldn’t know by looking at it now, but the BUR and foam roof on The Star Dust Apartments was unrepairable by any other product available on today’s market. The property owner was told that her only option was to do a complete tear-off and replace the roof with another BUR or have it completely re-foamed and coated. Not only was this not appealing, as the existing foam roof was not correctly protected and was being eaten away by birds and the weather, but the owner was going to have to coat her new roof with a Title 24 compliant coating to meet the new enforced regulations on cool roof requirements anyway. JEMSTAR was able to offer the owner of The Stardust Apartments a Waterproof, Pond-Proof, Cool Roof with Warranty protection on all three for 10 years, without ever disturbing the apartment tenants! If you are a home or property owner you can appreciate why that is so important!

With the SureCoat Roof System, JEMSTAR was able to utilize the existing resistance to heat (R-value) of the foam roof. By protecting what was already there, replacing what was missing, and adding what the roof never had in the beginning, the roofs on The Star Dust Apartments’ are now energy efficient, cool flat roofs that are guaranteed not to leak for at least 10 years! The roofs on The Star Dust Apartments are flat in most areas and will have standing water for one reason or another year round, especially in the winter months, so a warranty that offered protection from ponding water was essential on these roof. The product warranty that comes standard with the SureCoat Roof System installation is not available from any other company.

Water intrusion is the worst type of trouble to these foam roofs because the foam will absorb water like a sponge during the wet season. This can cause problems such as rotting of the roof deck or harboring mold and mildew. If you have tenants, you know that mold and mildew repairs can quickly turn you upside down in your investment. Fortunately, The Star Dust Apartments are located in a very hot area, and much of these roofs were not protected, allowing the moisture to escape by turning into steam and evaporating. Unfortunately, in the areas where there was some protection, water was trapped in pockets that eventually popped or had to be opened up to dry out. This left most of the roof area on The Star Dust Apartments completely exposed and, therefore, deteriorating quickly.

SureCoat Systems was developed many years ago to replace two part urethanes that were supposed to protect foam. The two part materials are expensive and require special equipment. The SureCoat Roof System has the same protection but now you can get this protection in our product, a cold, fluid applied, single component alternative to urethane. It will completely protect your roof from UV degradation and water by emitting 93% of the heat that hits a roof and reflecting 86% of the UV rays – PLUS Total Waterproof Protection backed by a Manufacturer’s Written Warranty!

Long before coatings were popular, SureCoat was doing what “roof paint” could never do and still can not do – protect and recondition SPF!

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