SureCoat Roofing Case Study: White Roof Paint vs. White Roof Coating

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The Key Differences you need to know about Roof Paint and Roof Paint Colors.

White Roof Paint:

White roof paint is often mistaken for and confused with white roof coating. It is commonly mentioned as a way to reduce the global warming effect or conserve energy. The misunderstanding is that while “white roof paint” can have some initial reflective value, it does not eliminate heat nor does it have any waterproofing abilities. White roof paint does not have any real significant energy saving properties. Also the reflectivity value of all white roof paint is short lived. White roof paint is just that, paint.


Roof Paint does not last more than a couple seasons, at best, before peeling, cracking and chipping away. This is true for roof paint applications especially. These “roof paints” have given white roof coatings a sore thumb, as they are said to be one and the same, but are, in fact, not anything alike at all. White roof paint will not last and is not made for roofs that have any type of standing water issues. Even on a pitched roof, white roof paint has a very short life span.

White Roof Coating:

A white roof coating is an elastomeric, reflective, thermal barrier, protecting and waterproofing the surface to which it is applied. White roof coating should have a very thick consistency. When applied properly, a white roof coating should be able to expand and contract even with the most extreme thermal cycles and not crack, bubble, lift, chip or peel.


The elongation properties of a high quality coating should be in the range of 375 – 400%. A true white roof coating should have a high rating with the CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Counsel) in the areas of Solar Reflectance, Thermal Emittance and Solar Reflective Index. Last, a white roof coating that performs properly will have a warranty that states waterproofing and ponding water coverage. Do not use a so called “white roof coating” that cannot provide you with these types of warranty coverage.

SureCoat: (White Roof Coating)

Not all roof coatings are created equal. A lot of roof coatings are just dressed up acrylic white roof paint with little to no lasting reflective, thermal emitting or waterproofing values. SureCoat is SureCoat Systems’ Super VOC compliant white roof coatings that display superb energy saving and waterproofing properties that are proven! SureCoat Systems’ white roof coating is 10.426 dry mils thick per gallon per 100 square feet (5 – 10 times thicker than roof paint and 2 – 3 times thicker than most other coatings).


It has a Solar Reflectance value of 86%, a Thermal Emittance value of 93%, and a Solar Reflective Index of 108 overall. These are outstanding ratings that last for years after application. SureCoat roof coatings also has a perfected elongation of 398%. This is high enough to expand without cracking and still low enough to contract back in the cold without losing its rubber-like elasticity.


SureCoat Systems’ is known to solve water intrusion issues that have plagued the industry for years. When installed as part of The SureCoat Roof System (a coating, poly-mesh, coating system) your roof is eligible for a manufacturer’s written warranty stating that it will not fail due to standing/ponding water conditions even on a flat roof. They make it white, we make it LAST!

Proven Solution for Difficult and Problem Roofs!

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