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Offer your customers a premium product and great service while saving them money!

The bidding process can be a stressful task to tackle, you don’t want to undercharge and find your business at a financial risk later on, but you don’t want to lose the bid to another contractor because you over-estimated the cost of labor and materials.

Below are some key items worth taking into consideration when bidding a project with SureCoat Systems’ coatings:

  1. SureCoat Systems provides high-quality materials with long proven track records. This means you won’t be spending your profits going back and repairing low-grade cheap products.
  2. It is one of the only Class 1 waterproof hybrid elastomeric coatings on the market. SureCoat Systems offers a warranty that covers ponding water and can legally be applied in all 50 states.
  3. Because there is no priming required or mixing of materials, the easy to install SureCoat Roof System has one of the lowest labor costs in the industry.
  4. Because it is installed over the existing roof surface, that means no roof tear-off, no removing and reinstalling HVAC units, no building code upgrades required, which saves the owner thousands of dollars.
  5. It is indefinitely renewable with maintenance coats at 10-year intervals as needed. The SureCoat Roof System remains serviceable indefinitely and only requires minimal top coating. This means roofing budgets go down after the initial roof system is installed.
  6. If the 5 items above aren’t enough, as an approved contractor, you get the best support in the industry. Our technical service team is here for you and will be able to answer all your product They will also provide you with forms and worksheets to make the bidding process a breeze.

Don’t wait any longer, call 877-823-7873 or visit and get the best value and the help you need to bid on projects quickly and accurately.