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In California, our fall and winter can be just as humid and wet with lots of moisture in the air as many other parts of the country. We see a good amount of Pacific storms roll in, and unfortunately, for roofing with the average coating product, that means not coating during the rainy season or experiencing a much slower drying process.

The typical go-to is an oil-based mastic, but the problem with that “quick fix” is that it just doesn’t last as many of you pro roofers know. It dries to form that hard shiny shell, and it ends up cracking, chipping and peeling a few months down the road. That seems like a lot of wasted time, labor, and money. When the fall hits here in Southern California, we reach for SureSet, and that’s exactly what we used on a recent apartment restoration.



This roof was previously repaired with mastic and as you can see from the images above, it was cracked, chipped in an area that had the worst leaking. We got to work cleaning the roof to prepare for installation of SureSet. SureSet is our quick-drying roof coating that cures within 2-12 hours. Engineered with the same high-grade raw materials as our other SureCoat roof coatings, SureSet applies right over existing surfaces, no tear-off required. SureSet, and the reinforcing fabric embedded into it, allows  you to attack the most vulnerable leaks and roof repairs even with the threat of unfavorable weather. SureSet roof coating provides maximum waterproofing when installing in conjunction with the other components of the SureCoat Roof System (SCRS). Using SureSet as a basecoat is an ideal waterproof roof coating for complete roof restorations or roof leak repairs in ponding areas, at splits in roofing membranes, around roof penetrations and for waterproofing roof drains.

As mentioned above, this area shown was the worst part of the roof where leaks were a significant problem. We repaired this area first then worked to restore the rest of the roof with SureSet too.  The finish coat of SureCoat was later applied when the weather was more stable making the roof eligible for our 10-year renewable warranty.

SureSet has been used all across the United States, in Canada and a few other places. It has been successful in a variety of fall and winter-like conditions even though the window to get roofing done might be smaller than it is in Southern California. If you’re looking for a cold weather-roofing repair, SureSet is the reliable, quick dry product to have on hand. Call us at 877-8 Be Sure or visit our website at to get started today!