Michael Angelo Construction is Awarded the July 2011 Project of the Month for their re-roof alternative project in Hollywood, California!

Michael Angelo Construction selected a SureCoat Roof System™ to solve the roof leak issues of a prestigious Art Studio located in the heart ofLos Angeles. Michael Gagliardi, owner of Michael Angelo Construction, was proud to offer the studio owner a renewable 10 year warranty without exclusions for ponding water.

With hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art work inside, this building owner needed an immediate solution for her leaking roofs. When initially inspected these four roofs, (hot mop BUR with granulated asphalt cap sheet) had failing acrylic elastomeric repairs caused by ponding water throughout the field of the roof. There were numerous penetrations and a moderate amount of abrasion. These roofs suffered from leaks for years due to seam separation, splits and cracks in mastic repairs, delaminating at vertical seams and the deteriorating asphalt cap sheet.

Hollywood Art Studio Roof After SureCoat Roof System Application

11, 528 square feet of flat roof warranted against ponding water even though these roofs are flat.

Another obstacle was the extreme amount of mechanical equipment located on these roofs. The cost for it to be removed and reinstalled would make for an unreasonably expensive tear-off and re-roof using traditional materials or single ply. The other options would be to cut around the equipment. Without removing the roof equipment, the amount of mastic repairs and seals at incisions, seams, flashings, and penetrations would quickly lead back to a costly disaster. Using an emulsion system and acrylic coating would not work for this roof either, as the ponding water would blister and lift off the acrylic in just a few short years at best. This would expose the emulsion to the elements causing it to crack and fail, leading to numerous leaks in the roof field.

The owner, having done her homework, knew that a product made for flat/low-slope roofs was the necessary cure for her leaking flat roofs. Michael being an honest “cause and solution” contractor was able to address all the issues and concerns of the Art Studio owner by offering an alternative to re-roofing. When the SureCoat Roof System installation was completed, it included true leak-free coverage for the entire 11,528 square foot project, including roof decks, parapet walls, HVAC plenums and sheet metal ducting.

Installing a SureCoat Roof System was the best option for this Art Studio because the SureCoat Roof System is the only product with a performance clause written into the standard warranty that covers ponding water on a flat roof. No other product has enough confidence in their materials to offer a warranty even close.