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Avoid costly tear-offs by restoring your existing roof to ‘Better than New’ condition.


When it comes to existing gravel roofs, there are not many options for repairing them long-term. Often, a roof tear-off or SPF foam encapsulation are the only options suggested by roofing contractors. Unfortunately, both of these options are very expensive. Even foam roofs require a waterproof coating like SureCoat to protect them from moisture and UV. The SureCoat Roof System can be used directly over a spud gravel roof as a partial or full roof restoration system.

Another issue roofing contractors face, is that once a gravel roof is weathered and brittle, walking on the roof to perform leak repairs only increases the chances of developing more roof leaks since it is quite easy for the gravel to puncture the dried-out asphalt membrane during routine roof maintenance. The gravel hides the surface of the roof and often creates a water dam that increases the chances of ponding water for long periods of time. Then, there’s the chance that a leak can even appear to be in the same area of the roof that has already been repaired because water will always find the weakest point of entry and travel. This is why Flat and low-slope gravel roofs are some of the most difficult roof systems to detect and repair roof leaks. Sometimes years are spent chasing leaks prior to finally repairing them successfully.

This is where the SureCoat Roof System comes in as the longest lasting roof coating system for worn out gravel roofs that can add an additional 10-20 years of life back into an existing gravel roof without the need for a roof tear-off. And, not only will it extend the life of your old gravel roof, but once The SureCoat Roof System has been applied by an approved contractor, the new roof could have a non-prorated written warranty that covers leaks in roof ponds, and is renewable with inexpensive maintenance applications at the end of each 10 year warranty period.

Another benefit of applying The SureCoat product is its highly reflective properties which make the SCRS perfect under roof mount solar systems to increase energy capture and return on your investment. Additionally, SureCoat has a higher reflectivity and better self-cleaning ability compared to traditional elastomeric roof coatings, plus its increased durability, and adhesion compared to standard acrylic and silicone roof coatings. SureCoat is a Class 1 waterproof coating, exceeds FM standards for Class 1 fire resistance, windstorm and hail resistance and remains energy efficient as it weathers. 

When it comes to gravel roof repair and restoration, SureCoat Systems has the right products to solve your problem and will be your partner throughout the installation process.

Read our Featured Gravel Restoration Project or watch our Gravel Repair Video to learn more about how The SureCoat Restoration System is the right solution for your restoration needs.

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