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Discovering a leaking roof drain is just one more annoyance to add to your “to-do” list. As inconvenient as it might seem, it’s one repair item that you should move to the top of your maintenance list. A roof drain is installed on a building to convey stormwater from the roof or deck to the storm drainage sewer or run-off area. Due to the amount of wear and ponding water that occurs around roof drains and in the waterways of the roof, roof leaks are common around these drainage areas. A leaking roof drain can and will cause severe property damage if not addressed quickly and repaired.

Take a look at this roof drain pictured to the right. This is a traditional roof drain found on commercial and industrial flat and low-sloped roofs. This particular roof drain has been repaired several times with mastic and acrylic coating products. These repairs were unable to withstand the UV exposure and ponding water conditions and the roof continued to leak around the roof drain.

The SureCoat Roof System is the proven solution for stubborn roof leaks like those around a roof drain that you dread about repairing time and time again. Why is SureCoat right for this type of repair? Because it is the only true seamless single-ply roofing membrane on the market today that will allow for partial installation and small repairs like this now when they are leaving your roof most vulnerable.

Movement and ponding that will cause roof materials to dry out and elongation to be lost will not happen with SureCoat. Our roof system is made to be a monolithic material with enough elongation in extreme temperatures and weather conditions so that it won’t lose its memory, become brittle and crack.

SureCoat is also a membrane forming material. It is a fully adhered system using high-quality resins that create an extreme bond onto the existing roof and become part of it. No mastics, adhesives, sealants, or other materials are used to install a SureCoat Roof System.

SureCoat consists of only one coating product that cures into a completely seamless, self-flashing, self-adhered, 100% waterproof, cool roof membrane that never needs to be replaced because it’s renewable.

Now on to the good stuff, here’s how to repair a roof drain leak in eight simple steps.



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