The Original Field Tested Roof 2

As you may know, the lab testing of coatings and roof systems is mandatory for proper design and installation. However, that is just the starting point for the people that are ultimately responsible for their performance.

If you are a contractor, an owner or an owner’s agent, you will most likely end up with the financial burden for the performance of these projects. If you are a contractor, your license, bond and liability insurance can be at risk. Because these roof projects are a considerable expense, owners and owners’ agents will want to make sure the roof system they are buying will perform on the roof. Nice shiny brochures full of promises are common, and so are the pages of disclaimers and pro-rated product defect guarantees that come into play when the product doesn’t perform well.

As a contractor, you need to KNOW that the products you are expected to stand behind will perform as claimed and when they don’t? You can be on the hook for thousands of dollars.

So, this begs the question, how do you know that you can trust a product? In short, field testing.

Because of the exact problems discussed above our “Field Tested” program was developed over 15 years ago.

At the time, there was a large commercial building with a flat roof that was suffering from lots of ponding, seams and roof penetrations that needed repair. The property management company was kind enough to let us use this roof as a test area for our SureCoat Systems product line as well as some of our well-known competitors’ products in real-world conditions for side-by-side testing. Because of the building’s convenient location, we have been able to monitor the testing for days, weeks and years to observe the performance of all of the materials installed in the actual conditions they are being exposed to daily. We recently had the opportunity to visit the large commercial flat roof that SureCoat Systems has used for long-term testing of the SureCoat product line. I am pleased to say that after 10+ years of being exposed to more than an inch of standing water for weeks after the rain and being cooked by the sun, the SureCoat is still doing its job.

We have continued to test countless roof products and applications during this time and continue to add new products to the SureCoat Systems line as the need arises. All of our products are “Field Tested” and applied on contracted jobs before they are released for sale to our customers.

The bottom line … We only sell proven ”Field Tested” products because that is the true measure of a product’s performance.

Are you using Field Tested products on your client’s roof?