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2525 Main Street, Santa Monica, is where the historical landmark building, Galleria DiMaio, resides. What makes it a historic landmark? It’s where Merle Norman started her make-up empire in 1927 and was later home to E.M. Stolaroff’s Natone Company, or as we know it, Neutrogena Skin Care Company. It’s a building that has gone through an extensive remodel in the 1930’s and an internal gut in 1980. For the current owners, a new roof hadn’t been an issue for the last 30 years until now. How do you perform a large volume tear off on one of the busiest boulevards in a city that has heightened environmental issues with tear offs? In short, you don’t.

The Stats:

  • Type: Commerical Property
  • Scope & Size: 13,000 square feet of installation over concrete waterproofed deck over plywood

“1000s of cars an hour pass this building,” says Pacific Roofing Systems, V.P. Alan Stovesand. “On top of the huge challenge of environmental regulations by the city and the multi-level height, we had to consider shutting down a major artery of the city to repair this roof. How do we overcome all of that?”

In one fell swoop, Alan was able to solve each of these challenges with the proposal of one product, SureCoat. By installing a SureCoat Roof System, they wouldn’t have to worry about transporting pieces of torn off roof down a three-story building with multiple dump trucks impeding the traffic flow. The roof was structurally sound, but its surface needed some help. Because there was no need for a tear off, there was zero waste going to the landfills. In fact, 13,000 square feet of roofing materials were prevented from polluting the landfills.

So what exactly did Alan have to do to get this roof fixed? To start, he simply had to clean it. Alan and his team prepped the roof for installation with SureSkrub, the biodegradable SureCoat roof cleaner. To make sure that they were meeting all of the environmental regulations of the city, which included monitoring drains and runoff that lead to the ocean, as many cities do, Alan and his team quickly solved by containing the water, filtering it, and reusing it in an agricultural area close by.

By offering the SureCoat solution, Alan was able to:

  • Save the building owner tons of money by not tearing off the roof
  • Save the environment from waste and pollution – there was ZERO waste vs. thousands of pounds from a tear off
  • Collaborate and engineer a way to meet city water runoff regulations and reuse the runoff captured
  • Avoid shutting down the main thoroughfare of the city

This successful roof repair was topped off with a 10-Year Renewable Energy Efficient SureCoat Roof Restoration System that will help guarantee that this building will remain a historical landmark for many years to come.