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How knowledge and prevention can make a BIG difference in the life of your commercial roof.

There are several factors that affect the lifespan of a flat roof. In this two part series, we will explore some of the most common ones; from what they are, how and why they happen, and what steps you can take to prevent or repair them.

Poor Installation

Craftmanship is the foundation of any project and can make or break a roof, so installation is of course a big one on our list. Poor installation can lead to serious issues down the road which can happen for a number of reasons, from hiring unlicensed workers, to not fully understanding how some types of roof systems need to be installed. Some require the use of primers, 2 and 3 component systems require specific installation methods, fasteners put into the roof substrate are sometimes not sealed properly, these reasons can lead to costly repairs and sometimes the need for a new roof altogether.



Roof Failures

Top left: Roof damage due to weathering, Top right: Product Failure.


SureCoat Systems eliminates those concerns! SureCoat is a single component fluid applied roof system which is self-adhering, self-flashing, self-priming and doesn’t require any mechanical fasteners or holes put in the roof deck to attach it. SureCoat  is easy to install and can be used for repairs, partials or full roof restorations so no more wasting money on products that don’t last.


Weathering happens when nature adversely affects the roof, things like heavy rainfall, hail-storms, daily exposure to UV rays in extremely hot locations, as well as other natural phenomena can cause serious damage to an otherwise perfect roof. Many products, such as black coatings, will absorb heat and dry out at a faster rate. Metal roof systems will be more likely to be affected by oxidation from exposure to air and water. Systems that require the use of fasteners will also dry out and break in places because of the fastener’s rubber seal becoming dry, brittle and cracking from prolonged element exposure.

With SureCoat Systems, the effects of weather are minimized because it is a bright white hybrid elastomeric coating which has been engineered with the highest-grade raw materials and enhanced with cross-linked resins to provide waterproofing, increased durability and elasticity compared to traditional roof coatings. With its high reflectivity and low conductivity characteristics, SureCoat can help reduce energy costs and renew the life of existing roof systems. SureCoat is a Class 1 waterproofer with excellent adhesion properties and is compatible with a variety of substrates.

Wind Uplift

Wind uplift happens when severe winds come in contact with the building. The high pressures push air upward and when there is an opening, a crack or any areas where air infiltrates, it causes the pressure to rise thus causing a higher air force to impact the roof structure and causing it to lift from the rest of the building.

The SureCoat Roof System is a seamless, completely bonded system so there are no weak areas where the air can infiltrate into the structure and cause the roof to lift. SureCoat can be used on equipment curbs, skylights, vents, penetrations, HVAC and condensation lines, parapets and integrated into the field of the roof creating one monolithic membrane.

By understanding what these key factors are you will be able to save time, money and add years to the roof.

For more information about our products and to learn how you can become an approved SureCoatSystems contractor, or how to get in touch with one if you are a building owner, call one of our SureCoat Systems tech support members at 877-823-7873 or visit our