This question came up when a state building roof was put out for bid:

Q. Will building management consider the longer lasting PVC as used on the State Capitol as a possible alternative?

A. This PVC product has been used on other state-owned buildings, the product has deteriorated before the warranty period manufacturer will provide roofing material but BPM will still incur the cost of removal and installation. 

Get to Know the Truth About PVC:

This is why PVC is not a good idea anymore. The only option for failed PVC is to remove it and replace it. The cost is great and the land fills continue to pile up with these wastes. It studied and proven that these PVC wastes in landfills emit cancer causing dioxins and carcinogenic liable to end up in our water table. Why is that a smart option to take in the day of green building?

SureCoat roof coating used for PVC roof repair

SureCoat roof coating used for PVC roof repair - 2009

It is problems like these that make me so passionate about what I do here at SureCoat Systems. We offer solutions to the age-old problems that continue to plague the roofing industry.

A SureCoat Roof System will save any failing roof so long as the substrate has not begun to deteriorate. Take a failing PVC, EPDM, Single Ply, BUR even all types of Metal roofs and install a SureCoat Roof Systems over it for a “cool roof” that has a renewable warranty. This warranty is issued at not extra charge and covers PONDING water on flat and low-sloped roofs. It is categorized under Super VOC Compliant with the South Coast Air Quality Management district (AQMD), with the strictest VOC guidelines in the USA.

Ultimately a SCRS is better than any single-ply systems, because it never has to be replaced, can be added to forming a seamless membrane that is BRIGHT WHITE from surface to substrate and has NO penetrations, fasteners, cold joints or seams. There are no primers, mastic or glues involved in the installation so there is no possibility of separation when movement and thermal cycling take place.

The Heat Island Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) is actually in the process of conducting a study using the SureCoat Roof System coating as part of their “Next Generation Cool Roof Materials” case study.

Still not using SureCoat, let’s talk about LEED credits. SureCoat can be used to obtain LEED credit for the roof of a building. With one of the best SRI values rated with CRRC (108 initial and 102 at three years old and dirty) SureCoat can help you to get the LEED status you desire for your building.

There is only one roof system that can offer a simplified scope of work able achieve all the desires of today’s building owners.

  • Waterproofing
  • Longevity
  • Environmentally Safe and Friendly
  • Energy Efficient
  • Renewable Warranty

A SureCoat Roof System Is The Last Roof Your Building Will Ever Need!