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EPDM - Rubber Roofs

EPDM roofs can be white or black. In black, these roof membranes absorb heat and do not reflect UV rays responsible for accelerated deterioration. New black EPDM has an extremely low initial solar reflectance of 6-12%; definitely not a cool roof product and like most traditional roof materials this value will lower over time. A new white EPDM starts with a solar reflectance of about 76% and after 3 years the average is 64%. The accelerated deterioration of EPDM is evidenced by the chalk like residue found on the surface. White EPDM roofs are popular on RV roofs. The deterioration can be seen after a rain; there will be white streaks down the side of the RV. Acrylic coatings are not waterproof, and do not adhere properly to EPDM. In the past, only two part epoxy systems were recommended to recondition an EPDM roof. These A and B part epoxy systems have high VOC content and cannot be used in Southern California. The materials are activated by the chemical reaction when the two parts are mixed. If they are not applied quickly, they will harden in the pail and are wasted. The Federal Government is looking to adopt a lot of the environmental policies found in Southern California which would further limit the options for existing EPDM roof membranes.

SureSkrub is the biodegradable cleaner made for use with The SureCoat Roof System. SureSkrub should be used full strength to etch the surface and remove the UV degraded EPDM and dirt from the existing roof. It is also a great cleaner for RVs and other recreational vehicles when diluted; the instructions are on the pail. SureSkrub proves that green cleaners can work well; it is the preferred cleaner of environmental agencies in Southern California.

The SureCoat Roof System will adhere to existing EPDM to create a sustainable roof system. The old EPDM can be reconditioned instead of torn off and sent to landfills. The SureCoat Roof System is a low VOC, environmentally friendly reconditioning solution for failed and deteriorated EPDM roof membranes. The epoxy resins in The SureCoat Roof System adhere to clean EPDM creating a sustainable, waterproof, seamless, elastomeric membrane that has a renewable written manufacturer’s warranty including coverage for ponding water, even on a flat roof. After 3 years, The SureCoat Roof System has a solar reflectance of 81%; testing better than brand new white or black EPDM. SureCoat roof materials reflect more UV rays for a longer period of time, slowing down the deterioration of the overall roof system. The 93% thermal emittance means that a SureCoat Roof System can lower cooling costs by emitting heat back into the atmosphere. An added benefit is that The SureCoat Roof System helps to lower the demand on the HVAC equipment and possibly extends the life of the HVAC equipment.