May’s project of the month is awarded for the El Dorado School District’s SureCoat roof project!

Roofing Consultant: DC Consulting

General Contractor: Carter Kelly Construction

Subcontractor: D7 Construction

Best use of Bond Money! DC Consulting and El Dorado School District choose a SureCoat Roof System to provide cool roofs with a renewable warranty over their 14 metal buildings located at Oak Ridge High School. The SureCoat Roof System was installed in their own chosen color (not bright white) over various types of metal roofs. This was very important to the school district as the hillside community did not like the glare of the original white roofs and supported changing the color with the new modernization project. SureCoat was the solution that this school was looking for to achieve the energy savings and cool roof properties they desired in a colored roof coating.

Doug Hamilton at DC Consulting states that he wishes he had known about SureCoat sooner, as his clients have experienced several different failures with other coating products. The most recent being a several thousand dollar trial test over one metal roof with a ‘high quality” colored roof coating prior to the application of The SureCoat Roof System. Although the coating had a warranty of one year, not long at all, it failed completely by chipping, cracking and peeling after only 10 months.

The failed metal roof coating consisted of a primer and color coat both made by well known companies that specialize in painting metal. Doug Hamilton being involved in the roof industry for decades, was excited to learn that there was finally a roof coating made especially for the flat roof and all of its inherit flaws. More intriguing was that The SureCoat Roof System was referred to as “The Pond-Proof Roof Coating”, and had a manufacture’s written warranty that stated the roof would not leak due to ordinary ponding water. Oakridge High School is a beautiful school in a peaceful country like setting where the tan roofs now blend into the landscape. The next time the school district will have to consider investing any money into these roofs again is in 15 years, when they will be simply cleaned and top coated and their SureCoat warranty renewed for an additional 15 years. SureCoat is top-of-the-line hybrid coating that retains its quality and displays its performance when put to the test!