Reconditioning and strengthening existing building materials reduces the waste sent to landfills. PVC is often referred to as the “poisonous plastic”. PVC is toxic from manufacturing to disposal and it is made of approximately 30% chlorine. PVC discarded in landfills releases dioxins into the water table. Dioxins are known cancer causing chemicals. Asbestos is also a cancer causing carcinogenic, used in various products of the past for insulation from heat, including roof materials. The danger of asbestos is only realized when it becomes airborne. The SureCoat Roof System is applied without disturbing the existing roof assembly. The cost to re-roof is gone, PVC will not end up in landfills and the cost of asbestos abatement is eliminated, further reducing the expense of a “better than new roof”! SureCoat Systems offers permanent solutions when other companies give up!

The SureCoat Roof System

Why reroof when you can just recondition your roof to "Better than New" condition?