What is the Value in Specifying SureCoat on your Flat Roof job.

Ok so you already have a black roof that absorbs heat…Do you really want to pay someone to give you another one?


Most coating systems use a black emulsion base that can absorb heat even while under regular white acrylics. Aside from the fact white acrylics are not waterproof and should not be used on flat roofs; they are often applied too thin to perform properly. A real elastomeric should be 24 mils for energy value and 40-50 mils to be a reconditioning system.  Materials used on flat roofs should have a perm rating that has numbers to the right of the decimal.


A cool roof should stay white as it wears regardless of the climate and ponding. There is no comparison between SureCoat Systems’ materials and acrylics. Only products that have sustainability should be used on flat/low slope roofs where there is significant ponding. 


The SureCoat Roof System is a quality system that has TRUE value;


 It may appear more expensive than other systems on the market, but it isn’t. There is no value in installing a temporary coating system sold to you as an energy saving reconditioning system. The truth is it will not be a cool roof for the life of the “system”.


The ponding area depicted in this picture is a condition that would cause an emulsion coating system to peel off before the first year. It would not be considered a failure if the white coating comes off and the roof is black as long as it does not leak. Other manufacturers will not warranty any part of a failure because their documentation says “not to use in areas of inadequate drainage or ponding.” Some reference an industry standard that states ponding is anything longer than 48 hrs. The SureCoat Roof System warranty states that it “will not leak due to ordinary ponding water caused by natural precipitation”.