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A lot of times weather is critical in roofing. If it’s too wet, too snowy, too cold, etc., many roofers shy away from doing certain projects. If you’ve been following along with us on our blog, podcast, or social media, we’ve been sharing tips, strategies, stories and feature projects where our quick curing product, SureSet, saves the day when facing weather challenges. In the following case study, we once again put our quick dry formula to the test to beat the California rainy season and to settle a tenant-landlord dispute.

The Backstory:

The property management company managing a shopping center that consisted of two buildings, one 15,000 sq. ft. and the other 5,000 sq. ft. had been working with us to repair their properties a little bit at a time due to budget restrictions. We would repair the most vulnerable areas and then when the budget allowed, continue to repair. However, the owner was struggling with a failing roof product and warranty that had been issued and did not cover the peeling, cracking and leaking that was occurring.



The Challenge:

When new tenants signed a lease for space, they also invested a lot of money in new equipment to help create an appealing environment for their customers. Enter the rain. The roof over this new tenant’s space was one that was previously repaired with the old failing product, and unfortunately, the landlord was unable to properly fix this area before the first rainfall. The leaking was severe and caused damage to the new equipment in the tenant’s space. The landlord was working to get warranty coverage from the company that installed the failed roof coating but was struggling to get them to stand behind their product. Upset with the landlord’s response time, the tenant retained an attorney to help get the owners to solve the roof issue.



The Solution:

Threatened with another rainstorm approaching and the pressure from the tenant, the owners had to find a solution and fast. They reached out to us because they knew our product worked based on the repairs we’ve already done on their roof.  The problem was, they weren’t sure if we would take the job because of the impending rain. Most companies would pass. Our innovator Jesse and his JemStar team jumped in to do the work with SureSet. Just 10 hours before the storm hit, his team was installing SureSet and because of the quick dry formulation, when the storm hit, there were no more leaks and no more equipment damage.