Featured Project of the Month

Coating restoration of a restaurant roof in Los Angeles, California

Now a Tierra Mia, this former KFC restaurant roof was in horrible shape. The roof was covered in grease and had dozens of leaks throughout the entire roof field, at the anchors, seams, penetrations and parapet walls. Short of a complete tear off, The SureCoat Roof System was the only solution. A tear off would mean that their store build out would have to come to a halt. In order to tear off this new coffee houses’ roof they would have to completely remove the roof mount equipment, remove and dispose of old materials, re-install the new roof system in several stages and re-install all roof mount equipment again.

It was important to Tierra Mia owner, Ulysses, to have his roof in good operating condition not only because this was his new location, but it was important for his investment to be protected as well. Thousands of dollars were spent already on renovations, decorations, and furniture to produce the perfect Latin American Coffee Experience.

Alden management has used JEMSTAR Construction to recondition many of their properties roofs with a SureCoat Roof System. Based on their great experiences with JEMSTAR Construction and The SureCoat Roof System, property manager Bob Simpson, and owner of 9220 Slauson Avenue, agreed on a SureCoat renewable roof system. The SureCoat Roof System saved them a lot of time and money vs. an old-school tear off.

If you have heard yet, Tierra Mia is a high quality coffee roaster and retailer with locations throughout Los Angeles, California. You can recognize the newest Tierra Mia Coffee Shop by the giant coffee mug that comes into view driving down Slauson Avenue in Pico River – Southern California.